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Is there any way to harvest a field, or provide for it to be harvested, when you're away?

I was an idgit and my raspberries will ripen shortly after I have to leave.
Aside from giving someone your account info, I do not think they made that feature yet....


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peach, you can also look on your "my neighbors" tab on FT to see who amongst your FB friends have installed the FT app. you can then invite them to be your neighbors...

and there is a thread on the FT forum that people who want more neighbors can post their FB link. of course, that means that people you don't know will befriend you on FB... i have not gone that route, although i have met quite a few people through FT who have become my neighbors.


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As soon as I posted the link, I decided to do some remodeling. So warning, it looks weird right now! (And will continue to look weird until those pineapples are finally ready to harvest, at which point I'll be asleep, then taking my dog to his pediatrician, then off to a dance lesson, so late tonight maybe we'll be back around to something worth showing...)
OK first I get addicted to lurking around DF now it's Farm Town. Whoever said it's an OCD persons dream is so right. Does anyone need neighbors? I just found out I have to have neighbors in order to hire people to plow.

I though there was a glitch in the computer when I was plowing at someone elses farm and there were layers.

Thanks guys, I think.:wink:


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lost an entire farm-full of pineapples. and a few blueberries. turns out...they look pretty, dead.

lately am utterly engrossed with work and dancing... "FT, what's that?"

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