fasc party and ballroom garage sale


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saturday nov 6

for those local to me (nw indiana/chicago)

dh and I are hosting a dance party in honor of our 25th anniv..

includes buffet/pot luck and drinks

and a ballroom garage sale

5$ optional donation to peace corps lesotho

sale from 5-7

dinner, drinks, and party from 7-10

pm me if you need details...thanks


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I won't remind you of the last party photo aftermath you posted :p

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful 25th Anniversary, that's some milestone! Congratulations :)


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bump...sat 11/6 ...update on items at the garage sale and some of the menu for the buffet dinner/dance

items at the sale include; fred/ginger boxed dvd set(never used), mad hot ballroom dvd and dance exercise dvds

an assortment of swarovski jewelry

two pair of supadance shoes fitting @size 8 -9 smooth and standard

women's practicewear small-large

showcase wear all sizes womens

competition gowns for sale or rent

sale is 5-7 cst

buffet of pasta, meatballs, antipasto and cheeses, dessert and drinks...dancing 7-10

location is in NW indiana...pm fasc for details....optional donation to Peace Corps Lesotho


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Oh man! If only I was going out to Chicago a bit sooner...or you were having your party a bit later! Wish I could make it!

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