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SexyMan2Cha said:
Leggings, god no... I was just a young boy when huge women were wearing those and still have nightmares.
precisely...and this is why I hate them...I am not huge by any means but I am a very buff round woman and in those things I look like a fact, MQ I would have thought you would have liked them b/c in my opinion the only freaking people who look good in them are very tall and thin like yourself...never nver nver would I wear them....never....the closest I would even come to either is wearing a stretch jean and that's b/c I am too doggone round to actually fit nicely into anything that doesnt have a bit of give to it and I have a 9 inch disparity betwn my waist and my hip bleeping leggings....they are evil...and also I hate the look of an overwieght woman crammed into a pair of those with an over sized shirt on almost as much as I am sick of seeing teeny boppers belly jewelry and thongs....sheesh:rolleyes:


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And what's wrong with the teeny-bopper/belly jewelry/thong combo?

Is it the teeny-bopper part? The thong showing part? (Although I've got to say, sometimes there's nothing you can really do to help it. Even with low-rise thongs, and a shirt that comes down to meet the jeans, with the trend of jeans to sit at/around the hips...sometimes the thong is just going to show.)

And what's wrong with belly jewelry? At least it's removable, unlike a tattoo. (Yes, I know tattoos can technically be removed.)


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FTR...i used to have a pierced belly button but it didn't want to stay pierced...and um...I wear thongs...but both items were for dh's viewing pleasure least, as you mention, he was the only one who got an intentional show.....I am merely sick of the absoulute avalanche of exposed love handles and midriffs...espite the age....part of it is a fitness issue, ie know if you can pull it off or not...and part of it is just being sick of the overt get as naked as possible in public don't get me wrong...I liked my belly button jewelry and I still prefer a thong...more than enough said

Excessive ink or piercings is a real lack of individuality and self-respect, despite the fact that individuality is what the wearer is going FOR.

Thongs: It's underwear. UNDER what you WEAR. If you want people to see it, wear it on the OUTSIDE of your clothing.

Hip-hugger, low-rise, whatever jeans: Cute on the right shape. On everyone and their brother, everywhere, all the time, I'm sick of seeing it. On humongous women with jiggly shelves (like myself sometimes still yet), NO FREAKING WAY. Why do women want to FORCE Themselves to look WORSE? Why not just do like horses do, and roll in grass, mud, and poo? That's a statement.

What ever happened to basic hygiene, wearing clean, well-fitting clothes and shoes, and leaving it at that? I admit- for dance parties and formals and such, I am THE dress- diva. I am a right dress whore. But that's for then. When I practice, or "live", I wear "normal stuff".

Again, just opinion- I wonder if I'll be the first to have a RED bra, or will it just drop down to a modesty patch, Lol.
And hasn't anybody put it together yet- hardly anyone is a true, honest-to-goodness "size three" or size ANYTHING anymore... so they HAVE to concede by making these jeans "stretch"? It's like they're slowly giving way to the "women of substance", LOL.
PasoDancer said:

Again, just opinion- I wonder if I'll be the first to have a RED bra, or will it just drop down to a modesty patch, Lol.
You won't be the first because I've already beaten you on theat one. ;)


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Fashion! I like this topic!

Obviously what might be fashionable for one, won't be for someone else.

I'm not big on the leggings look. Very rarely have I seen a woman look good in these. And lets hope they aren't making these in the low rise style that has been prevalent with women's pants lately.

And tight jeans are similar to leggings. Give me a break. A woman can wear a pair of jeans and look good with the leg narrowing down to the ankle, but tight jeans are another one of those things that just aren't typically very flattering.

Oh, and did I say something negative about low rise jeans further up ... oh, yes, I did. Good. Because they really are terrible. I like them less then leggings and tight jeans. It doesn't seem to do anything flattering for those who wear them, particularly when their underware is showing. In fact it seems to break up the curve and flow of a ladies hips which is definitely not attractive.

Now, when it comes to green and red bras, the green one I purchased when the SO and I went on our shopping excursion last night, oolala, and the red one she had on this morning wasn't bad either. :raisebro:
OHHHH!!! i don't like those leggings because everyone has them.. a little too "cookie cutter" for me lol..although I really like wearing legwarmers during the winter in dance practice.
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