favoriate samba video

Favourite Samba Joanna Leunis & Michael Malitowski - Samba - TWSSDF 2007

This is my favourite Samba !!!

I love the slow motion, the brilliant Joanna Leunis, ( Check Joanna out between 1 min 7 secs and 1 min 12 secs) She is unbelievably awsome) and i think this is Michael Malitowski at his best too, such control. . . WOW.
The music`s kind of funky also.

Hahaha Great Stuff !



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That first song is one of my favorite sambas; reduce the pitch by about 40% and I could probably dance to it *LOL* (the "bump" at the end is great. totally 70's!)

Second song is probably my least favorite.

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