Favorite comfort foods


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Bad day. Curly fries, tacos, cookie-dough candy, and these new little Scottish shortcake/caramel squares that taste kind of like chalk, kind of like dessert.


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Mac-n-cheese, ramen noodles (my fav), peanut butter on toast (or heck...just on a spoon), and pizza. And, I keep none of these in my house on any sort of regular basis....too tempting.


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super strong assam tea with half and half

super strong jasmine tea with half and half

Theo organic dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt


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I also like a glass of milk with a tablespoon of molasses or a milkeshake of just milk, a banana, and nutmeg....these things remind me of my grandmother


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I'm going to dancer hell. I received baked goods from students this whole week, and now I'm eating them all by myself in the dark while I catch up on all my crappy TV series. Apparently, word got out that I'm kind of a chocolate whore, so this weekend's word is DIABEETUS.

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