Favourite Milongas, Tangos and Vals


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What are your favourite songs. If you go AT dancing then you have them, as people told me last night at my first milonga. Fess up!! It also would be interesting to know what appeals to them, what makes them your favourites if you wish to share. :)

Note I changed the topic slightly...from my original posting...
Sagitta, I love all three, but it depends on who I'm dancing with.

I danced a tango vals with a fellow ballroom dancer the other day and it was magic. It was tango (and he's very experienced at tango), but infused with a wee bit of ballroom waltz, absolutely gorgeous, but I adore milonga, but so few people lead it well.

Your turn, what's your favourite?


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I love milongas and vals. Not very good at them though. I love the playful nature of the milongas, and I like the turns of the vals.

I actually also wanted to know about the songs/orchestras from teh three types of dance. Which are your favourites and why...

I haven't had much sleep this weekend. So my apologies for all the mistakes in all my posts... :oops: :)

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