Fears impede us, sometimes, when they are bad, to a standstill. But they can also be good by keeping us going against adversity.

I suspect we all have rational and irrational fears.

Mine (least the ones I dare share :eek:)
(irrational) buried in a small space
(rational) injury/sickness stopping me dancing (bet thats a common one)
(both) betrayal
(rational) marginalized at work

I find fears are eased by sharing. Whats yours?


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Irrational and rational both: Flying
Irrational: enclosed spaces
Rational: illness (though it can reach the point of hypochondria--I have some medical conditions that require monitoring and causes for concern. I do not, however, have PPH, a brain tumor, ovarian cancer, lupus, etc...no matter how many times I convince myself I do. I'm officially not allowed to watch medical shows.)
Irrational: fear of being disliked even by people who from all outward appearances like me. At least I hope it's irrational.


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Irrational: suffocation (have to work to keep myself from panicking (sp?) if I'm on a train car where the fan isn't running); related--minor claustrophobia, scared I'll run out of air; also very afraid of falling

Rational: usual fear of public speaking thing (don't like being the center of attention)

Irrational-ish: fear of dancing Standard (socially)
can't make going to comps easy - flying and dying on the floor! :)

Oh, dear, I'm going to sound like a total neurotic - used to love flying but the security after 9/11 (I've thought about this) not the 9/11 itself has made flying scary.


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Rational - elevators. Bloody things in my building start and stop sometimes at random. One day I was on one that wouldn't stop at all. We just kept hitting all the buttons until it finally stopped on the 10th floor. I've started using the stairs more but since my office is on the 9th floor.... Also some injury preventing dancing.

Somewhat irrational - cancer. I'm definitely cancer-phobic.

Most irrational - mutated Ebola / SARS / Bird Flu or similar spread via international air travel. www.cdc.gov is NOT a good site for me to read...


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so... these fears... are these all of things one actively avoids? or do you pay these things no mind and just forge on...
IRRATIONAL Heights, especially ladders, or actually I think it's a fear of falling.

RATIONAL falling out of shape again once I’ve worked so hard to be in shape, and something causing me to not be able to dance anymore.

BOTH Trusting people

BOTH Trusting people
thats kind of sad.... I'm totally bonkers that way, I trust and get hurt and then come right back and trust again! Every now and they you hit paydirt - someone you trust thats also trustworthy and then its all worth it.


I trust my cat for example... :)
Rational: Growing older
Rational: Losing loved ones, goes hand in hand with above fear
Rational: Walking in public at night alone
Irrational: Being in a horrible accident preventing me from dancing or be mobile
thats kind of sad.... I'm totally bonkers that way, I trust and get hurt and then come right back and trust again! Every now and they you hit paydirt - someone you trust thats also trustworthy and then its all worth it.


I trust my cat for example... :)
LOL... I'm probably bonkers the other way... I don't trust, and relationships suffer because of it. (Let me clarify that I'm not a paranoid person in this sense, or I would have put it in the IRRATIONAL section of my previous post)
I am getting better about it... actually that's another thing I can thank dancing and my pro for... there's a certain amount of trust a follow has to have for her lead... whether she knows him or not. Ok..so I guess there really isn't an aspect of my life that this little hobby of mine hasn't changed. ;)


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Another irrational: I don't like swimming anywhere I cannot see the bottom, aka lakes, oceans...
Huh. I'm not quite the same way, but I kinda freak if I'm in water that's more than about 20 or 30 feet deep. Swimming, boats...doesn't matter. And it's odd, because my family is big into boating, so I'm a pretty strong swimmer, not afraid of the water at all, and have spent plenty of time on boats. But I don't like deep water.

A couple years ago DH and I took a cruise, and I'd just cringe and very deliberately put my mind elsewhere whenever they'd announce how deep the water was. Hated that.


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Something about posting my innermost personal fears on an open forum doesn't seem exactly right but oh, what the hey, I'm feeling lucky today.

I am terrified of cockroaches. You know the ones - those big three inch ones that come in from outside and like to fly straight at your face. (Oh yes, fly.) The ones that, as you stare down terrified, you can actually see their triangular head rotate so as to stare back up at you.

I always scream for somebody else to kill these things, but beg that they not stomp them too hard because that sickening 'POP' sound makes me shudder.

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