Fever Line Dance Instructions

If you have Night Fever (Bee Gees) put it on. This was done to that song.
Stand next to each other.
The movement starts with the vocals. You are making a square.
1.Start with left foot, three steps walking forward to beat
one two three, touch right foot forward (as if you were going to kick but are not)
in the same movement, bring the right foot back because that becomes the next step. (number one on second set)
2.One two three, touch the left foot behind you
3.Forward one two three touch with right
4.Back one two three DON"T TOUCH! Pause for this beat with hands in front, elbows at sides.
Flap arms (yeh, its the chicken thing) twice only Bend right knee up,
make a quarter turn to your left flapping away, and kick..
Bring the kick leg back because it is the first step in the second segment.
The next segments are exactly the same except you are starting going backwards instead of forwards after the turn.
Second segment
5. One two three touch backward
6. One two three touch forward
7. One two three touch backward
8. One two three DON'T TOUCH PAUSE
9. Flap arms, kick one quarter turn to the left, (you can start flappin' in the pause if you like, some people wait a second, it shows the beat physically)
Third Segment
10. One two three touch backward
11. One two three touch forward
12 One two three touch backward
13 One two three DON'T TOUCH, PAUSE
The steps without the touch is really used to bring you back to the center, and you pull yourself into a stance sort of.
If you are doing this right, you should be starting to step in the third segment on "Sweet City Woman". As you come out of the turn into the first step back the BG's should be saying this.
The famous arm segment is in the third segment. Step 13 picks this up. Do one two three, bend knees slightly, the hand circle is optional, have right hand touching left which is resting on hip, leave left on hip, bring right out and up to the side. The classic version has you bend knees as right hand goes to left hip, and then straighten knees as arm extends. I know you've all seen this, my husband just said imagine you are pulling a cord from your left hand :lol: BGs must be saying night fever, night feevveerr, dah dah dah dah dah dah,
Do the arm pull four times, do the chicken arm again twice, kick turn, start over. Keep going until the song ends! Whenever Night Fever is sung, you must be in the third segment.
Please let me know if these directions are confusing. I'll do what I can to clarify them. Once you get this down, you can use it as the basis for the hustle, the bus stop, almost anything. It's a real basic count that is adaptable to other songs and takes filler moves of your choice to match the timing. Enjoy! DANCE LIVES!

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