Few older rental gowns for sale, will consider any offer


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Yes I have not used it for over a year, it has changed a lot!!!

Craigslist might be a better place for the old clothing and toys :) though you need to be in a large metropolitan area to be able to sell easier.. but not really for ballgowns... Don't think I will use it again after this time. I was surprised how little I could do..
I actually agreed to cancel.. Maybe I was too nice. The person was from Canada so I felt that if I have second offer accepted, at least I don't have to run to the post office and fill out custom forms, I can just send package with my doorman. I was annoyed but it really is that person's loss. She put like 8 bids so it was clearly not an accident....
For future reference, there is a section with checkboxes, letting you choose which areas you can ship to. I exclude pretty much all countries outside of the US. If I offer free shipping, I note in the item's description that free shipping is within the 48 contiguous United States.


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oh wait, think now Ebay has some kind of shipping center located in Kentucky helps seller to ship the item to domestic shipping center so seller pays a normal domestic priority postage, and ebay will forward item to International buyer. I sold 2 personal items to international buyers this way last year, worked out ok, but one item did take quite a while to complete the process. Luckily buyer didn't complain, worked out fine.


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Another option, if the gowns are old enough to be considered vintage, is etsy. Their rules about what you can sell on there are a little strict though.

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