Final Call - 2007 Ohio Star Ball Entry Forms

Dear Ohio Star Ball Enthusiasts:

This is it, the final call for entry forms for the 2007 Ohio Star Ball. The entry deadline is Oct. 7, 2007. Please get those forms mailed in as soon as possible. Details for submitting entry forms can be found on the Entry Forms page at the web site. Speaking of the web site, the home page has just been updated with additional information, specifically about new dates, new category, and weekend competition workshops. Please visit the web site to view this new information *. There's also a couple of cool videos for you to view.

OSB Web Site:

* Note that a text version of the OSB home page is given below.

Also please be aware that the Ohio Ball will again be broadcast on PBS as the America's Ballroom Challenge. This will again be a 5 episode series, similar to last year. Please keep an eye on the PBS web site for updated information when that is available.

PBS ABC Web Site:

For those who would like to view our previous breaking news articles, which have additional details about some of the events, please click the following link.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the exciting 2007 Ohio Star Ball!!!

Ohio Star Ball News Staff

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THE 2007 OHIO STAR BALL DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS - November 13th through 18th, 2007

30th Anniversary Celebration

America's Best of Dancesport invites dancers, judges, teachers and
friends to join us for our 30th Anniversary Celebration . . .

Entry Deadline: Oct. 7, 2007 . . .

Advertisement Deadline: Oct. 10, 2007 . . .

~ $135,000 in Prize Money ~

Held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Columbus

Hotel Web site:

Featuring ...

* World Professional Smooth & Rhythm Championships
* World Pro/Am Championships
* Dancesport Series Finale
* Best of the Best Challenge - Grand Finale
* U.S. National Collegiate Championships
* Pro/Am Rising Star American Smooth & Rhythm - Age Divisions: A, B, C
* Pro/Am Senior Smooth & Rhythm 3 Dance Championships
* Pro/Am Standard Gentlemen Only Championship

New Dates

* Friday - November 16, 2007
International Latin Pro/Am Bronze through Gold Star 1
* Saturday - November 17, 2007
International Standard Pro/Am Bronze through Gold Star 1

New Category

* World Pro/Am Championship Youth
Includes all 4 Dance Styles Ages 16 to 18

Weekend Competition Workshops - check program booklet or ask at info desk for exact times

* Friday - November 16, 2007
Toni Redpath
Rufus Dustin
David Hamilton
* Saturday - November 17, 2007
France Mousseau
Taliat Tarsinov
Gary McDonald
* Sunday - November 18, 2007
John Kimmins
Tony Meredith
Mireille Veilleux
Do you know if Saturday night is already sold out? I'd love to go just for the workshops and the finale.
I was told you should email in an order of what you want, then mail in payment. You should receive confirmation once payment is made. I was also told Friday and Saturday evening are not sold out yet, but I think they're going fast. Might be worth while trying to call first before emailing order. If can't get through or no quick response, then email order. Note that ticket cost and procedure to submit payment are listed on web site.

Hope this helps.

Ohio Star Ball
P. O. Box 14442
Columbus, Ohio 43214
(614) 848-7827

I can't find the entry fees on the web page or the entry forms.
They do not list entry fees on web site since fees can vary based on studio you are associated with. You should check first with your studio to see if they have entry fees. If you are not with a studio, try calling to see if can get entry fees over phone. If you don't get a phone response right away, might be because this is busy time for people handling this. Another approach might be to ask someone on DF if they have entry fee information and are willing to share. You should do privately and not list publicly here. I do not have price list and not involved in that.

Hope this helps.

P. O. Box 14442
Columbus, Ohio 43214

Phone: (614) 848-7827
Fax: (614) 847-5808

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