Finding DF


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Tanguera said:
It was more than one year and a half ago, I found DF by searching something with :google:, but I don't remember what...
Doesn't matter quite what. You search fopr dance and df is usually up there. ;-) :)
My instructor was constantly talking about "oh, so-and-so on DF mentioned this the other day, and had an interesting point...." and finally I just logged on to see what she was talking about. And then, the addiction set in :rolleyes:
Doing a google search on "ballroom dance forum" yielded DF as the first I checked it out and the rest is history. A tribute to you all and the admins here for making this place great and being at the top of google search. !


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Thru random dance product search. Then saw my friend Kat was here, she also told me a few of other dance friends were actively participate as well that time.

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