Finding Flow on the Dance Floor: Four Approaches

No Joy-in-motion with us anymore?
R U out there? Even if you're just lurking and not want to post anymore, a big thanks for what you have shared with us. Your articles are inspiring!
Yes, I am still here. I just moved to a new city, so I have been pretty busy with all that goes into that. But once I get settled in I am hoping to be able to return to writing more regularly and participating in more discussions. When I'm not busy dancing that is :).

Thanks for the compliments on the articles, you guys. It's very encouraging to hear that people are still finding them inspiring and might like to read more.

Those articles are excellent -- but the web navigating is bad. For instance, if I'm reading part 1 it's not at all obvious how to get to parts 2,3,4.
I agree with you. I sunk quite a bit of money into a web designer and I like a lot of what she did, but there are definitely some drawbacks in terms of having solid navigation. I'm thinking about switching to a blog format that automates all of it so I don't have to pay more money to get it fixed or spend a bunch of time coding all of that linkage myself. Sorry for the navigation troubles, but hopefully I can invest some time in making everything easier to access in the near future. Thanks for the feedback!

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