Finding the Right Balance


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Yes, I do balance exercises, because my balance is not terrific. I do use a wobble board...some days at least. I'm working up to using it with eyes closed, but no where near that at the moment.


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I do leg exercises where you are standing on one leg while working the other leg (and possibly arms as well) in various ways in the air. Basically variations on ballet barre type exercises, but without using a barre/chair whenever possible.


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I use a balance board. And other items, but then again, I did before learning ballroom for skiing and prepping before every ski season. There are other balance inducing/practice equipment items on the market as well.


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Alternatively, get on your bike and ride. A skill you learned as child where you have to make second by second adjustments to stay upright.

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Single leg anything. Squat , deadlift bent over row over head press etc etc kettlebell or dumbell either works. Add the bosu for increased difficulty. And work you core especially the obliques and serratus v choppers cable twists. Get a trainer to give you some exercises and go for it. It's fun:confused::meh:

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