First Comp Intl Standard

Hi everyone! This is my first competition in standard. Any constructive criticism is welcome.


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Welcome to DF CTSalsa!

Just so our members know, would you like comments on both leader and follower?

Also, congratulations on your first competition in standard! Did you enjoy?

I am not a standard expert, but I do hope those more qualified to comment will be along soon.
Thank you for the welcom LG. I am the lead, but any comments on the follow is fine too. I agree with you and123. I was really nervous and concentrating on dancing my center so much that I think I looked rather stiff.


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Better than NOT moving :p

Curious - what is "Pre-Novice"? Looked like some non-syllabus steps in there. If so, bonus points for attempting that level at your first Standard comp.
"Better than Not moving." Ha ha ha. I was almost at that point. You should see the first round of waltz which I am too embarassed to post for the public to see. I was really nervous and kept forgetting the routine every time we ran into other couples on the floor. Basically we didn't get a chance to dance the 2nd half of the rountine. We pretty much repeated 2 step figures over and over. I was suprised we got called back.

At this particular event the categories were, bronze, silver, gold, pre-novice, novice, pre-champ, champ. I think at most comps, the rule for pre-novice is restricted to syllabus and the novice level allows open figures. But I think the rules are more relaxed at this comp or maybe it's just different. I don't know. Thank for the bonus points. They were fun steps to do. Although we're going to have to take them out of our routine for future comps, um... for various reasons. :oops:
I like your pastures. I thought novice are the lowest level. May be it's different in Pro-Am competition. Any way, if "pre-novice" is higher than "gold" then that's about right. Pretty dress too!


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CTSalsa, I dance Smooth/Rhythm myself, so can't judge anything technically, but like Samina, looks WAY better than video of my first comp. Definitely worth being proud of. :)
Thank you every one for your comments. We have another comp this weekend. We have about a month of practice, so hopefully I'll be more at ease. I'll post some more videos after.

ETP and Smartdancer, thank you for your compliments. We have been working a lot on stretching our spines and proper postures and shaping. Makes me feel good some one noticed it. :) I don't know if pre-novice is higher than gold because, my guess is, gold steps are not allowed in pre-novice. But it is definitely not a beginer level. That I think is newcommer level. I'm not very knowledgeable in this, so hopefully some one else can chime in.

Thank you Samina. People compliment her to me a lot. She is a delightful partner and more advance than me in this style for sure. She picks things up very quickly. And unlike me, I think she's right-brained. The instructor only has to show something to her once or twice and she'll get it right away. Whereas, I'd have to analyze it to death.

Warren J. Dew

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My reactions:

- The pepper pot is not one of your stronger figures, so I'd recommend not opening with it in quickstep.

- Your posture makes you look fat, which I don't think you actually are. Pull in that belly and tone the center.
Horrible. I was still nervous. Still concentrating on moving center vs. feet, technique, etc.. It's weird when I looked at the video it didn't look like we moved very much and it looked stiffer than it felt. :confused:

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