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Hello everyone,

My wife, seeing how much time I spend on the Dance Forums, asked me if I could create a forum for her. I just created I was hoping a couple of people would do me the favor of making a post or two to help get it started. I know she would really appreciate some help. One of the hardest things about getting a forum going is getting some posts. Please help if you have a moment.

It'll take a little time, but I know it will grow and become popular. We've already received 17 posts in about 24 hours. I really appreciate the support Dance Forum members have given.

(Before long we'll need to start seeing who wants to be a moderator there)
Cool, we've had a nice response so far. Shortly, we will start adding forum categories and seeing who wants to help moderate.



We are almost up to 1000 posts now at the Fitness Forums. It took less than 6 months to do it. Hopefully, the momentum will start to increase, just as it did for the Dance Forums.

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