Food and Dancing


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I'll bet many of you have been to dances at a studio or elsewhere that featured a potluck dinner. There hasn't been one at my studio in quite awhile, but the ones they've had have gone over big. 8)

I mentioned on the USABDA thread that there is something like this for desserts; this since bringing one is worth a discount on admission. 8)

Every so often someone will hold their own private dance party with lots of great food and the last one I was at was a backyard BBC. Really cool even if one tends to get a little sluggish dancing after a good meal. 8)
Just went to a studio potluck last Thursday at another studio, it was really fun and had some great food. I even asked for some of the recipes (one in which was a great bananna dessert that I'm making tonight) :D


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They are fun. But the only ones I've been to were ones where I was performing, so I missed out on the food. I never eat while I have those nervous pre-performance butterflies, and by the time I get done performing, the only thing left is usually dehydrated spinach dip. :shock: :cry: :lol:


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I can eat something really, really light before dancing, but I need at least 2 hours after a full meal. My digestive system doesn't react all that well to contortions and contractions, I'm afraid.


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Yeah, I agree, msc. Between the nerves and the strenuous exercise dancing requires, all I can handle is gallons and gallons of water. :D

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