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Poached eggs on wholewheat toast, tea.
Cauliflower sprinkled with some parmesan cheese, chocolate chip cookie, fizzy water.
Will probably fix some stuffed peppers later, and there's a bottle of pino grigio chilling in the fridge.


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noon...2 vegetable eggrolls
2...2 vegetable eggrolls and a bowl of raspberries
5...buffalo chicken puffs, mashed potatoes, white zin

okay...cottage cheese after midnight...and some sauvi blanc


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2 orders of chick fil A nuggets....forgive me Father for I have sinned...and a biscuit
organic lo-cal mexican frozen something or another
one butterfly pork chop in an lovely rub
a generous amount of soft red


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two turkey salami wraps on bread free bread
a few pieces of cheese pizza and a few pieces of deep fried mushrooms and calories in beverages... yet :)


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sbux egg white, spinach psuedo healthy breakfast sammich
2 chicken shwerma (sp?) nom nom
one mini reeses' egg

high probability of a gin and tonic
our grapes are ripe..... om nom nom, like that.

hang on, where is that popcorn eating emoticon.....found it, but think bunches of grapes!

and then I had to make a lemon/coconut sponge to offset the grapes:rolleyes:


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poached eggs on wholewheat toast, tea;
broccoli sprinkled with parmesan cheese, fizzy water;
I'm thinking about some meatloaf and mashed potatoes for later, and I think I have some merlot somewhere to go with it.


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gah...why would I choose to do a comp that is a minute and a half after easter?....going to have to work out very hard today....and I shudder to think what they will be serving tomorrow at my cousin''s fare with daughter and son in law:

ulis famous sausage (spicy chorizo and brats)
deviled eggs
yellow rice with sun dried tomato
buttered kluski noodles
mixed veggie/ cheese casserole w/croutons
julienned carrot slaw, sunflower seeds, in chili lime dressing
russian cabbage, egg, and onion pie
sun chips and herbed goat cheese
lemon pound cake with confectioners frosting
tart cherry juice w/raspberry vodka

(that was what I pulled together at the last minute after lessons yesterday upon hearing that dtr and hubby wanted to come over today)

officially exhausted and full


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breakfast....buffet at the weber inn in ann arbor...= eggs benedict, a slice of pork loin with stewed tomato and exactly one fresh green bean, a bit of beef and rice, coffee with skim

lunch= mucinex and unsweet tea

dinner= generous quantity of turkey tacos and white zin


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Back on the eating better wagon... trying to get off the packaged junk and up the fruit and veg again, as I have drifted off of that the past few weeks. Posting here to keep me accountable!

Breakfast: Coffee with cream and sugar (x2), whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter
Lunch: homemade tomato soup, garlic naan with cheese, water
Snack (mid-practice, eaten at random intervals): water, more water, banana, homemade carrot-walnut-flax-raisin muffin, tea with milk, more water
Snack (post-practice): cheese, whole grain crackers, dill pickle, water
Dinner: Baked fish with onion and mushroom, brown rice, squash
Snack: Ovaltine with skim milk

Today (so far):
Breakfast: Coffee with cream (no sugar:(); smoothie with spinach, banana, almond butter, coconut water, cinnamon
Snack: Another coffee with cream, homemade carrot-walnut-flax-raisin muffin
Lunch: Leftovers from last night: brown rice, squash, halibut with mushrooms and onions; water

Edited to add: And this ^ all looks really good, but it's not showing that I ate my body weight in junk food on Saturday and woke up with a sugar hangover and impressive breakout on Sunday morning... awesome.


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About time I get back on track too
Today- Coffee, a tangerine, a fried egg
A bowl of lentil soup
A glass of cabernet
A small portion of pasta with leeks and pancetta, and parmesan cheese
Possibility later- a whole wheat carrot muffin made from scratch-

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