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orange yogurt, tea with milk;
tuna melt, potato chips, diet coke;
peas with romano cheese,
2 chocolate chip cookes;
vodka and tonic;
more tea


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poached eggs on wholewheat toast, tea;
tomato soup, naan, fizzy water;
half of a marinated grilled portobello mushroom, quinoa and sweet potato patty, more fizzy water
Been eating clean for a month in prep for a showcase tomorrow, wherein I wear a crop top :p Tomorrow's food log won't be so pretty.

Black coffee
2 eggs w/ peppers & onions, slice of bacon
raspberries & blackberries w/ full fat greek yogurt

Ground beef with zucchini, bell peppers and sweet potato

Dinner (leftovers from last night)
Flat Iron steak with spaghetti squash


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sweet potatoes are a dieters dream good carb source but complex and kills the sugar cravings especially at dinner
I hate sweet potatoes- I know they are super-healthy- anyway...

breakfast was coffee
Lunch- Vietnamese spring rolls with side of edamame
Dinner-whole wheat pasta with sausage and swiss chard, 2 glasses of zinfandel


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I don't get sugar cravings...maybe that is why I cannot abide them unless they are in a heavily curried pancake with hot sauce...

as to yesterdays' food:

brekkies: egg white sammich, handful of almonds ( 2 covered in dark chocolate and 3-6 in wasabi soy), coffee w/skim

lunch; cup of chili, chicken swarma wrap, unsweet tea

dinner: chicken swarma wrap, unsweet tea

snack: brown rice and bean gluten free chips with jalapeno ranch dressing and sliced green olives, fresh organic lemonade (and raspberry vodka)


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2 chorizo sausages in curry
half a banana
sliced roast turkey with black pepper and refried beans with jalapenos
one small glass of cabernet
coffee w/skim
unsweet tea

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