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Breakfast: Carnation Instant Breakfast drink
Snack: Emerald cinnamon roast almonds 100 calorie pack and water
Lunch: Grapes, carrots and celery sticks with Jif natural peanut butter, Yoplait strawberry greek yogurt and hot tea
Snack: Nature Valley granola thin; have decided I'm not buying these again; they're not that good, and there's not that much to them
Dinner: small portion of spaghetti, one piece of light garlic toast, and water
Snack: Cherrios with no milk, and water


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Breakfast - Smooth with coconut milk, honey, frozen strawberries, Whey protein
Lunch - Hawaiian Grilled Chicken.
Birthday Celebration in Office - for July Birthdays - I ate fresh fruit. Saved the cake.
Dinner - Strawberry Lemonade Red Robin Western BarBQue Chicken Salad - WOW THAT WAS GREAT!!!
Home-late - Birthday Cake from Portos.


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Any suggestions for long carry-over breakfast?

I get up at 5:15AM but I'm not in my office until 8AM. If I eat lightly early, I'm hungry by 10 unless I eat a second (usually junk food from the "Biocafe") breakfast once I get in. Oink. That can't be good.

Maybe I should eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner...


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hmmm Nucat, I get up at 4:15 a.m. every workday morning.
I eat within 30 minutes of waking, well, not "eat" per se, it's either the Smoothie with Whey Protein Powder or it's Instant Oatmeal.
Then I get to work at 7 a.m. or 7:30 and by 8 a.m. "eating". Something with fiber and protein. Fiber will fill you if it's at least 5 grams of fiber per serving and protein will take longer to break down, like Hard Boiled Eggs (I eat those sans the yolk). Drink plenty of water in the morning, keeping you with full feeling.
Try to eat every two hours. Keeps blood sugar level. (apples and pears are great fillers as well as red grapes or watermelon)
Good luck.


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yesterday was simply not worth mentioning....but included a trip to the French Market so I don't think I need to say more on that...

11am=two breakfast sausage patties on a hot dog bun with a slice of tillamook cheddar cheese
2pm asian chicken salad(w/cabbage and carrots), quesadilla with jardiniere
6pm another quesadilla with jardinere
unsweet tea

wine soon

Larinda McRaven

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Nothing really to eat yesterday. I was just too busy and not at all hungry, and it was just too darn hot. I ate one little ball of mozzarella at one point. And drank a ton of watered down pomegranate juice, it is generally too thick to drink straight.

And then Cantski showed up. The area of my home in MO was settled by Germans, so Cantski wanted to do a late dinner at the very authentic German restaurant. Off we went. I have not eaten so much meat and sauce and whatever that was in literally years. I guess my body can't process that kind of food anymore. I immediately came home and lost all of it in the bathroom. I wonder if it counts in my journal now?


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#67 for breakfast...lunch was a room service fancy sort of lasagne that was actually beef tips, summer squash and some pasta and cheese and mushrooms....ate half for lunch and half for a few wasabi coated peas and a small pkg of lemon pepper tuna just now...washed down with white zin.....


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Breakfast = cereal with milk, DMD.
Lunch= cereal with milk, a few potato chips, a string cheese, and what I licked ff the beaters while making cupcakes.
Dinner= beef randang(sp?), rice, sautéed cauliflower, a cupcake, red wine + coke.

Breakfast = grits w/ cheese.
Snack= a fresh apricot.
Lunch= PBJ (wh wh sammich thin), veggies with dressing (carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, fat free raspberry vinaigrette).
Snack= über-yogurt with apple butter stirred in, cherries, apricot
Dinner= almost fat free hot dog on a bun. wonder I'm fat....


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PB&J on wh wh = sacrilege. Just sayin.

ETA: I Think I've told you this before! What the heck are ya doin? PB&J on smushy, fluffy, fiberless white. That's a rule. Sheesh! :lol:


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Fluffy whit bread = eurgh. Whole wheat, multigrain, or rye is the only way to go. Unless we're talking rolls or focaccia or rustic bread or baguette.

Fluffy= wrong.


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(FWIW, DH's opinion is that fluffy white is mandatory for grilled cheese sammiches, but everything else is negotiable.)


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Grilled cheese is great on sour dough or whole wheat, IMO. Absolutely the only thing I eat on white is PB&J, but for PB&J, I must have white.

People are funny. My pot luck yesterday was sandwich fixins, salads and sides. It was fascinating to watch people make sandwiches. People (myself included) are SO idiosyncratic, when it comes to sandwiches! My surprises of the day were two: Most popular bread? Croissants. Most popular sandwich overall? Meatball sub. Who knew?


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Uh! Yet another silly woman. :lol:

Uses for white bread:

PB&J sandwiches!!!!!!
(provisional) Peaches' DH's grilled cheese sandwiches (but only if he's nice to Peaches. Otherwise, it's sour dough for him. :lol: )
toasted, cubed and in stuffing/dressing of some sort
bread crumbs
(stale) in grandmom's famous bread pudding, which took any and all comers, bread-wise

Other than that? Feeding birds, stopping doors, standing in for pillows in pillow fights, etc. :lol:

FTR: I approve this message and will endorse myself being quoted in same. :wink:


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The only place I use store-bought white bread is for my Thanksgiving stuffing. It's what my mom used, and by God, when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, that means it's the way it's supposed to be done!

Breakfast: Three eggs, scrambled
Lunch: Broiled salmon (~80 g), Steamed brown rice (~75g), broccoli
Snack: Protein shake made w/skim milk
Dinner: Panko-breaded pork tenderloin cutlets, pan-fried in olive oil (~175g), brown rice (~200g), bok choy w/onions and carrots

(That's actually rather light on the calories for me. I'm not a pixie like many of the rest of you.)

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