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Hi, so due to a few health conditions my diet is very limited. I would like some suggestions of how to mix it up, yet not spend all day long cooking.
I need a low GI index and I watch my gluten intake closely. Very much surgar or fat at once does not sit well in my body at all. I can't eat eggs, they upset my stomach. I avoid all dairy, except for yogurt.
I try to stick to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Also beef that is raised in my family.
I dance 5 to 8 hours every day, meaning my caloric intake needs to be pretty high.

If you have any suggestions of recipes or where to get them, even foods or brands I may not have tried. Thank you all.


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If I were in your boat, I would certainly experiment.

Definitely I would avoid sugar, particularly anything containing fructose. Glucose goes right to the muscles and the brain, fructose has to be processed by the liver. Sucrose, aka table sugar, is composed of a glucose and a fructose molecule connected up.

If you are eating beef, you are probably getting the saturated fat you need (liver wants it), so no need to add any extra. Unless you really don't care for it, eat liver, it's incredibly dense nutritionally.

You say you are uncomfortable with too much fat or sugar. Is fat that comes normally in food, like well-marbled beef, an issue, or are we talking about eating greasy, deep-fried food? Nuts? Also consider which fats are making you uncomfortable. Not all fats are equal. The only vegetable oils I trust now are olive and coconut oil.

If yogurt is OK, how are you with cheeses? Kefir?


I've heard some people prefer to keep their macronutrients separated in meals (one meal starchy, another meal heavy in protein), while some prefer to make sure they get a balance of protein, fat, and complex carbs in a single sitting, as the fat slows down the digestion of everything else.

Point is, as you well know, every body is different, and you may need to experiment a bit before you find what works best for you.
Thank you, very useful information.
More greesy fried food, it what upsets me.
Nuts are fine.
No cheese or other dairy besides yogurt.
Beans are fine.
I've tried separating and found that a balance is best for me.
Thank you for your suggestions.


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Back when I was single I used to eat a lot of bean soups. (Family doesn't care for beans, now.) Chili beans, cuban black bean soup, etc. Mostly unattended cooking, as I would use a slow cooker.

Kefir is closely related to yogurt, except it has a more complex profile of organisms living in it. I always make my own yogurt and kefir from whole milk.

Also, with the gaps in what you can eat, you may want to consider vitamin and mineral supplements.


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You can't go wrong with fruits and vegetables, and beef is giving you some protein. Also try organic chicken and fish. As far as snacks, almonds, walnuts and yogurt are great and don't forget hummus. It's what I reach for on busy days and will keep you full especially as you are dancing 6-7 hours a day.


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I'm a big fan of hummus as well. :)

What are your thoughts on fruit, as in how much is safe to eat? I've heard folks say that fruit and veg should be unlimited.
I've heard other opinions that consumption of fruits should be limited because of sugar content. What do you think?


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I think with fruits, in particular, it depends. Not to put too fine a point on it, my mother is obese because of fruit. Yes, it is far and away preferable to eating candy and other sweet confections, but the only macronutrient most fruits provide is carbohydrates, in the form of fructose, which I mentioned previously has to be processed by the liver. And if, like my mother, you are unconsciously grabbing and eating fruit all day, those sugar calories add up.

From wikipedia:
"Compared with consumption of high glucose beverages, drinking high fructose beverages with meals results in lower circulating insulin and leptin levels, and higher ghrelin levels after the meal.[64] Since leptin and insulin decrease appetite and ghrelin increases appetite, some researchers suspect that eating large amounts of fructose increases the likelihood of weight gain.[65]
Excessive fructose consumption may contribute to the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.[66]"
My inclination would be to say eat up to five servings of fruit a day, don't overdo it.

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