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When the new version came out I was really excited about it, but didn't post because there is a whole lot of partner dancing in it.
Well, a "Footloose" line dance was taught the other night where I dance all the time, and it pretty much left me cold. So, I started poking around and found a few things that I think a pretty cool, there there's actually some partner dancing in there.
There are a ton of young people coming out to the country place, (don't know if Footloose has anything to do with it) and some of the women want to dance with guys who know how to dance. Not many, but enough. And line dancing has always been a way to get people in the door and taking lessons.
I've had this stuff bookmarked for days...

You might know who Benji Schwimmer is. This is from SYTYCD.
I'm lovin' how they just kill the breaks. The new line dance doesn't even know there are breaks in the Blake Shelton version.

This one's the "Official Video" from the new film.

Lastly, this one from Big and Rich.
There's even a bit of "partnering", but, man, look at how they make even the simpliest moves look good.

Anyone else out there start with line dancing?


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I watched all three.

On the Benji Schwimmer routine, yepper. They KILLED the breaks. I love that! Lots of recognizable WCS, with some other stuff (i.e. don't ask me to do cartwheels :lol:)

The Official video. Myeh. Loved the music, when compared to the original movie. It was a lot more real country music, IMO. The original was homogenized pop, IMO. Not sure what the dancing was about, though. It seemed fairly random freestyle dancing. (Which I actually love and do whenever I have the chance but, when the artist is a serious country artist, I'm not sure this style of dancing fits.)

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Well, Shania isn't exactly a "serious" cw artist, but...
(Haven't seen this for quite a while)
See that walk forward turn right shoulder back move? I use that in "Joe Cuervo" now.
And the steel guitar in this... yeah, I'll take it.
And, hey, come on. Blake did "Hillbilly Bone", "Some Beach" and "The More I Drink", so of course he's "serious". (heh heh!)

Now Reba...
She had a video (they took it off of ) to Climb That Mountain with a few guys doing hip hoppy moves.

Free style / hip hop ... country's been updating itself forever.
I'm cool with it.

Seriously, from Bob Wills to Bill Haley to... a lot of country has been about making people want to dance. And dance has come a long way from cotillions and Paul Jones and such.


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Mmm Hmm, Steve. Absolutely. There's a lot of conversation about what country music really is. A rapper and a country crooner singing a duet is not country to me, but I understand that dance and music both evolve. Maybe I'm too damn old to understand. Entirely possible. :lol:

The official video got on my nerves because the band was doing hard-core, hoe-down, country music my great-grandmom would have loved, while random kids popped and locked. Maybe this is progress. Maybe not. *shrug*


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If you aren't aware of it, there is a competition going on right now for the best version of the Footloose line dance taught at the Dance Y'All boot camp. I'm not advertising, but you can go to, watch the videos, and vote for your favorite. Some are terrible, some are pretty good, and one in particular is pretty awesome because it combines the line dance with a fair amount of partner dancing and ballroom. I think the entries have closed on this, but the voting is still open until the end of January.

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So, I happened across the Official Dance Tutorial fo the "Fake ID" Line Dance done in the dance scene listed above. I got all hyped up about it and thought, I have to learn this.
Last night where I dance all the time there was a small group of people doing the line dance, and the source of the knowledge... was the YouTube tutorial.
Now I have to learn it for sure.

Country Swag.

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Comparing the Kickit step sheet with the Tutorial...
Step sheet is written in a coutnry line dance venacular that doesn't quite match up with the Tutorial.
I'm going for the Country Swag in both the scene from the movie and the Tutorial.

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Any one know where this place is? gibson's hall honky tonk de berre

I've pretty much got the basics, but am still working on my country swag. I also see that there are differenct ways to phrase the dance so that it fits with the music. Yikes. THAT will cause confusion.

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OK. So...
I've been practicing this obsessivley for weeks now. The group of young people who had been doing FAKE ID where I dance were somewhere else through the holidays, and I wasn't about to request it and try to dance it myself.
Once they came back I really dug into it.
First you have to get the basic moves. See Official tutorial above.

Forget the video just above this post. Now that I know the song it's pretty clear that was spliced together, and... well...

This is the one that rocks it for me.

It takes a while for them to get started, but man, they've got the phrasing down, and that's what I was looking for.

On Thursday I tried to dance it, and I couldn't get myself to do that first 4 counts! (could have been the alcohol!)
So, even more practice!
Saturday I nailed it pretty good.
And after all the work I 've put into this, it felt pretty darn good.

Hey, any German speakers out there want to give a free translation of what the MC is saying?

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Line dancing... You just can't kill it, as one member wrote recently.

I have yet to talk ANYONE into learning this.
I'm in this pattern of pretty much only dancing before they teach the lesson on Saturday. That seems to be when the songs I like are played.
Any one know Randy Shots? He taught last night, and, maybe because of him, Fake ID came on. I asked a couple of the long timers if anyone had been practicing (I don't know how many times I've encouraged them...) and, no surprise, no one had. So, although there was one gal out there by herself, I found my way into the song (where am I, where am I supposed to be...? - I gave up long ago trying to fit in with where other people are in this one.)
There was some noise there when I finished. (for me? yeah, guess so since one gal was looking right at me)
I love the quarter rest in the next to last bar of the song (yes, I have the sheet music) "Hey, Mister......Hey, Mister." It's built into the Frühlingsball 2012 arrangement, and is followed by four claps just like the song has 1 more measure after that rest.
Maybe people even noticed that the dance and the music go together?
Did 3 or 4 other dances, and that was my evening.

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