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Does anyone have any dance wear in women's size small that they are looking to get rid of? I'm in need of some clothes to wear to rehersals and I'm a poor college student that can't afford to pay for brand new stuff. If you're looking to sell it, I'm probably interested in buying it. Please just let me know!

Thanks!! :)


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Welcome to the forums liz_jo,
Good luck finding some dance wear -- I know what its like to be a college student trying to afford a dance habit. I hope that you continue to take advantage of these forums and participate in our community.

Discount Dance has some pretty good deals, but I'm not sure that you can find anything quite that cheap. Remember, sometimes you get you pay for. Sometimes it's better to get one good thing at a time, because often they last longer and actually cost less in the long run.
Hi Liz

I saw a lady advertising VERY inexpensive costumes and such on our site. Look for posts made by a lady named Winnie. I am not sure if she has practice wear but the costumes she was selling were from $70 - $150. They were posted on ebay and looked decent... but you can't tell much from a picture. I believe I saw a web address in one of her posts. www is the site. Hope it helps.



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Inexpensive Dance Wear

You also might want to check out
They have some practice tops and skirts on clearance for
$10 - $15. Size small is mostly sold out, but it's
probably worth a call to their 800-number, to see what they have in
stock. I've also had good experiences with them -- good, quick
I am the lady who was once referred to


My name is Winnie. I noticed that my name was once referred to in the earlier messages. Recently I have just updated my website with new dance costume designs. Perhaps you might want to take a look. My objective is to supply quality brand new "One-Of-A-Kind" costumes to both ballroom and latin dance enthusiasts. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Happy Dancing!


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