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Vince A

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This past Wednesday, I went back for some Hustle "basics." To my surprise, the count has changed . . .

A few years ago when I learned the Hustle, the count was &123. Now they're teaching 12&3. It wasn't difficult to grasp, but it throws off my preps. I understand the reasoning . . . the music starts on count 1 . . . so step off on count 1 . . . easy for some to do.

I feel like a Hustle rookie again.

I know that there are not too many of you that do the Hustle . . . Phil Owl . . . are you there???

How do you all count the Hustle, and why???


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Hmm. That's different. The folks who taught my hustle workshop last weekend -- Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow -- taught &1,2,3. Same as always. I wonder if they were watering it down for us. :?

Vince A

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And where would you like me to put it there HepcatBob??? Be careful here . . . :roll:

I copied this definition form
A fast but smooth-moving dance which originated in the nightclubs of the 1970's disco era, as a modified version of swing. Hustle is noted for its fast and elaborate spins and turns, especially for the lady. It is also very easily adapted to crowded, nightclub dance floors.

It is included as "swing" in all the swing venues that we attend, including the US Open.

It may not be 'exactly' swing, but . . .


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Not a hustle-maniac by a long shot :!: However, I found what I think is a good explanantion for the diffference between NY style hustle (&1 2 3) and the other hustle style (12 &3) at Incidently I think that Owl gave this link a while back in another forum.

Maybe one of these days I will take a hustle lesson or two, but just started dancing a couple months ago, and I don't think hustle is my thing. I enjoy the energy of jump swing and am getting into lindy and salsa right now :D



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Hi Sagitta! Welcome to the forums! :D

Thanks for your comment. That clears things up for me. The folks who taught my workshop were definitely NY style, right down to the accent. :lol: And they are the just retired "World Hustle Champions," so they knew their thing. They just picked NY style. Cool. 8) :D I didn't know they were two hustle styles, so I'll go check out that link. Thanks. :D



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The &123 version is the only one I see on a regular basis. There are, however, several other "hustles" including Latin Hustle, etc.


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Yes. There were many, many variations, if the early childhood fog of seventies-era memories serve me correctly. :lol: There was always some commercial on for a dance teacher teaching a new "style" of hustle. Darned hard to find documentation of many of them, these days, though. :cry:

But, off-hand, tango hustle, Latin hustle and a hustle line dance have been mentioned in other threads in this forum.

Phil, or Vince, or somebody who's done both, does the 12&3 hustle you're talking about look like the New York style, except for the count? Is the count the only difference? I ask because some of the other hustle variations look way different. Just curious.

Vince A

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It really doesn't feel any different, it's just that I didn't have to count before, and now I do. I just listened to the music before . . .

It's also still a basic rhythm of 4 steps . . . &123 or 12&3 . . . with the 3&1 or the 2&3 a coaster step or a rock step.

The only way I could get through the lesson without mentally fighting "the old way," was to count it 1234.

I can't wait to start the Latin Hustle in two weeks . . . whooopeee . . . I believe it's a 6 count dance, or is that two 3 counts, one right after the other??? :?

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