Forceful Lead???


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I don't know what that move looks like. However, what if you only want to lead the J& part and skip the L or make it an R? Isn't it the guys job to do the choreography on the fly? Instead of putting the woman in auto-pilot, I was taught to lead with the body and make clear precise hand leads with minimal noise to distract the direction I need her to go. Not that I even come close to doing it all the time, but I know the goal.

Having her connect and follow me is really important. For instance a salsa club's latin beat is often so loud she could never hear me. More than half the moves are some variation of cross-body lead. Which one is up for me to communicate to her without saying anything. Another example could be some kind of pretzl run in 2-step. If the the dance space gets squeezed, I can choose when to stop the combo of moves and just go back to frame. In chacha, I might chose to add extra locking steps or slows just for fun effect.
Heres the thing: We can argue about what is theoretically right, and what we enjoy more, and how awesome pure lead follow communications is (floorgasmic). However, we are talking about 2 different dance forms. If I am not mistaken, rocknrole, similar to ceroc, is designed to get beginners on the dance floor and haveing fun right away. There are great advantages to that! Its a great way to introduce people to partner dance.
Is it truely lead follow? No. Is it trying to be? No.
I encourage you to learn a real lead follow dance and experience what we all know and love, therefor claim is the only "REAL" way.
Just IMO... I feel this arguement isnt ever going to be resolved though!


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You are right Chandra, we could keep kicking this around for ever. I have explained how it works for us.

You are also right about Rock'n'Roll. We can get a woman dancing very quickly. (It takes longer for men. They have to learn how to lead. :raisebro: )

It is like playing the guitar. You can get one to make musical sounds pretty quickly and then you can spend the rest of your life learning to do it better.


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Just looking to learn here. What is the difference between RocknRoll and normal EC swing? I clicked on the websites and it looked about the same.
Most of my "new" footwork comes directly from my inner thighs . . . talk about being grounded!
Sorry for reviving an ancient thread, but what does it mean to move from your inner thighs? How does that differ from normal movement?

I've been trying to figure out what I can do to move more smoothly, and this thread caught my eye, since Jason Colacino is mentioned, he had the smoothest wcs I've ever seen.

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