Free Admission to Dances


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Do any of you attend a dance that's free of charge?

The showcases at the studio are free and there's a swing dance held twice monthly at a large used book store here that is free - promotional thing.
There's a quaint little place up here (but what isn't quaint in Connecticut??) that doesn't have a cover charge and the water is free and the band is live! It is little though and the floor isn't super dooper but it has a lot of other things going for it that makes it one of my favorite places to dance... sentimental reasons too. It was the first place I went out social dancing and it has treated me fairly well.


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Nothing like that here, unfortunately, but there is a guy who sponsors weekly, and sometimes biweekly paid public ballroom dances. $8 or $9 to get in, but it's danceable ballroom music, with a hundred or more like-minded people, in a smoke-free, alcohol-free environment. He plays a good mix of music, and even calls out each dance, so people know what they're doing. Not a bad price, considering.

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