FREE - New Dancers Festival - June 24, 2012


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International Dance Festival for New Dancers
Sunday afternoon 1:00-5:00 PM, June 24, 2012
Admission is FREE

Sunnyvale Recreation Center
550 E. Remington,
Sunnyvale, California (in the South Bay Area).

The Festival will feature easy-to-follow or quickly-taught dances from a wide variety of countries and ethnic groups. This is an ideal event for anyone who (1) is currently enrolled in a beginning folk dance class, (2) is doing some other form of dance and wants to try something new, (3) used to folk dance and would like a *******er, or (4) has no dance experience and wants to sample a new activity.

This festival is the latest in a series of events for new dancers, with other similar festivals occurring in other parts of the Bay Area and Northern California.

For further information, go to the website of the Folkdance Federation of California (North) at

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