funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing


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When learning foxtrot I had my coach say something similar to me but it wasn't pg... lol

Though this weekend we had a lesson and the pro said to a couple spots in our cheorography: "That kinda looks like spaghetti"LOL. What he really meant was, that wasn't very clear. Our tango is no longer spaghettified now :p
Foxtrot - "OI MADAM!!! That should be a heel turn EVERY day of the week and TWICE on Sundays!!" !!!

On considering giving us a particularly tough set of Quickstep moves - "Hmmm, I'd better just check my insurance before I do this, because you are going to end up flat on the floor at least once!"

On nearly being swung into the middle of next week when I stopped suddenly in Foxtrot - "Dear God, woman - when you suddenly drop anchor it is like trying to shift the Titanic!"

:eek: lol
Here are some of my favorites from one of my coaches.

"Pretzels are more malleable than your legs!"

"Girls, you need to do a kinky leg thing."
Guys start laughing.
"I didn't mean it like that!"

"This is the pillow meter. Falling asleep on one side, ferocious tiger on the other. I am falling asleep. I want to be eaten by a tiger."

"At the end of this dance, one of you must die."

He stood there staring into space with his thinking face on. Then he looked at me, cocked his head, and said, "Do you want to be the witch?"
Of course, I said yes.
"Pretzels are more malleable than your legs!"
This reminded me of one I got... coach was trying to get me to relax my legs to work on swinging action... after several attempts to verbally help me achieve this, but not seeing any change on my part, he asks, "Are you relaxed?" I say, "Yes." Then he squeezed my thigh... Then he has a look of surprise and exclaims, "You have thighs of steel!" :oops:

"At the end of this dance, one of you must die."


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During an Argentine tango routine:

"Come closer to me... Now open your legs a bit more." I was already flushed red by the time he started to say, "I wish all women were that easy."

He and I around a lot though.
i once went for a free intro lesson with a teacher and we were doing standard waltz and he said "how can someone who is such a good dancer dance so badly?" didn't seem like a smart thing to say to someone who is trying you out! :)


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Referring to my next competition:

Pro: "If you dance at it the way you do here [in lessons], you will be good. Except not last week... that was well..."

Me: "Terrible?"

Pro: (Laughing) "Yes."


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Well, regular teacher not a coach, and during a social dance at a party. I somehow not only hit him in the chest on a turn, but caught the placket of his shirt. While I was apologizing profusely he said something sternly that I had to ask him to repeat. I had heard "the number one rule" and "your dance teacher" and thought it was going to be something along the lines of "the number one rule is to not damage your dance teacher." What he actually said was, "the number one rule is to not undress your dance teacher."

I warned a visiting coach that I tend to create new errors on the path of fixing one error even more than most students. After working on something a bit, she said,"Hmm, you really are quite inventive about finding new ways to do something wrong." Later on, she said, "Well, it's good to not try to work on too many things": i.e. one fix was taking a very, very long time.
With my danc teacher, we were doing standard waltz fallaway reverse slip pivot... I wasn't opening my legs enough in fallaway which made the pivot difficult since he couldn't get his leg in between mine

So finally once I did it right...

"Ah yes, this is where I feel most comfortable, in between your legs"

So much self control my friends to not bust a gut laughing

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