funniest thing a coach has ever said about your dancing


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That reminds me of one.. Working on AT, my teacher was trying to do a secada, which requires stepping literally between my feet, under me. He said, "I need to be able to invade you more." I said, "that sounds like a terrible pick up line."
Whilst trying to correct my posture a female coach punched me in the stomach and then had me stand straight "see how that feels? That's how I want you standing, tummy in, core engaged, now hold that" .... she then proceeded to demonstrate how to move forward with the core by pulling my belt forward. "That is the effect I want!"
I won't out her, but it has stuck with me since.


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Both things are from a visiting coach.

From a group lesson on rhythm technique, which we now refer to as the Old Spice commercial approach, trying to get through the concept of appealing to the audience and how the lead needs to present the follow.

"This is rhythm!" *leads intense basic*
"Look at me. Look at her. Look at me, look at her."

From a private lesson with same coach, also on rhythm, notably not mine or my partners specialty. And we were both terrible about making eye contact.

*to partner* "She's a pretty girl, right?"
Partner: "Well, yeah."
Coach: "Good. Then LOOK AT HER!"
"I couldn't stop watching you!....unfortunately, your partner's the one I'm supposed to be watching" #leaderproblems

It was because I had picked a more energetic body rhythm for a section than my partner, and being the larger partner it naturally overpowered her visually. We fixed it by syncing up our choice of what a Slow beat actually meant in samba.


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Got the two following remarks in a recent lesson: "you look like a sloth." "what are you doing with your arms? you look like you are in a mariachi band!" those are two pretty random things to get during a lesson. It was even funnier because he then imitated a sloth AND then a mariachi player. YES, PEOPLE, I PAY FOR THIS. :):rofl:

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