Funniest things that students have said to dance instructors

Dr Dance

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During a Viennese Waltz group class, the instructor was asking questions to test the students knowledge of correct posture, "Where is your back?"

Without pausing, the student answered, "It's behind me."


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Parents of a wedding couple came in for a lesson. Saw competitors practicing on the main floor. "What's wrong with them? Why are they dancing like that?"
Ouch. I've heard similar things before though.

After doing a Paso Doble last night, with some students watching us: "She looks angry at him!"

They were actually kind of right, since I got a nasty bruise on my thigh during our lunge.
In our studio we keep a private list of things Instructors have said that are, if taken out of context, odd. We're up to 17 pages, but here are a few our our favorites.

"The slower you go the harder it gets" (Rise and Fall)
"I'm gonna get it in" (Packing for a comp)
"Do it with the ladies" (While teaching a class)
"You're not feeling the full force of my body" (When talking about center of gravity in frame)
"It's grapevine and gauchos, not great wine and nachos" (During class)
"That's not my leg" (It was a hustle - I have no explanation for this, and I'm the one who said it :shy:)
"My balls hurt" (balls of her feet)
"Did any student bring food" (everyone was thinking it)
"Dang this one's hard" (this pattern)
"You can't just touch it, you gotta grab it" (talking about going for your goals)
"Ladies find a different man" (During a class)
"I lose it when I go fast" (V. Watz pattern)
"It goes fast and then slow again, It's awesome!" (about a new song)
"I want to show you how she lifts her leg" (Argentine Tango)
"It'll be longer and harder" (Competition Waltz Open)
"What happened to their privates" (Private Lessons)
"Let the lady finish" (Finishing her step before moving on)



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Once, when I had been having some trouble feeling the floor like I thought I should be, I started a lesson by telling the instructor, "I don't know where the floor is."

He understood exactly what I meant.

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