FYI-Airline move list to new spaces-LAX


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If you didn't know, and go through LAX, the modern upgrades include moving airliners around terminals within 3 days of each other. Here's the list.
Airline. Moving out of. Moving into. Effective
American. Terminal T6. T5. Jan 21
Copa*. TBIT (T6 check in). TBIT (T3 check in). April 7
Hainan. T2. TBIT. April 14
Qatar. T2. TBIT. May 1
Thomas Cook. T2. TBIT. May 1
Allegiant. T3. T5. May 13
Boutique Air. T3. T6. May 13
Delta. T5/t6. T2/t3. May 13
Frontier. T3. T5. May 13
Sun country. T2. T5. May 13
Virgin America. T3. T6. MAy 13
Virgin Australia* TBIT (t3 check-in). TBIT (T2 check-in). May 13
Volaris* T2. TBIT (t2 check-in). May 13
Avianca*. t2. TBIT (t3 check in). May 15
InterJet*. T2. TBIT (t3 check-in). May 15
Spirit. T3. T5. May 15
Air Canada. T2. T6. May 17
Hawaiian. T2. T6. May 17
Jet Blue. T3. T5. May 17
Southwest int'l.*. T2 (t1. Check in). TBIT (t1 check in). May 17
XL France. T2. T6. June 4
T= terminal, TBIT= tom Bradley international terminal, * airlines split their operations with check-ins at terminals and departures at TBIT

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