Gently used Standard shoes for sale


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I wore these shoes three times before I decided Standard wasn't for me! Stephanie brand, US size 6, 2 inch heel. Check out the pictures - they're practically new.

These retail for $80, but make me an offer that includes shipping USPS. I'm happy to send these to an owner that will help them fulfill their dancing destiny! ;)

all.jpg bottom.jpg inside.jpg side.jpg


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$40 is fine if you are also willing to pay shipping.

I have a paypal account that we could use.

I won't be able to get to the post office until Saturday, and I'd like to give you a shipping estimate. Are you able to wait that long? :)
Yes i can pay postage. Sorry to say i don't know how Paypal works as i don't have an account. Guess i still live in the stone You can talk me through it or i can send you a money order. I excited to get the shoes.


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PayPal is easy - enter your phone number and the amount, and it's free for you but I, as the seller, pay a fee. You would need to set up an email account, as well. You, as the consumer, have protections this way that you would not have if you used a money order.

I'm a good person who has been on DF a while, and I like my reputation, :) But in the future, if you do business with a "stranger," I do suggest using PayPal so you'll get what you ordered or you'll get your money back.

Let me know what you'd like to do.
Thank you for the advice. I will go ahead and send you a money order then set up paypal for the future. How much should i send and where?


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Let me go to the post office on Saturday and get an idea about shipping cost. Do you have a preference for how fast they get there?
Not really....just excited to get them. I'm going to my first competition in March and will use them to practice. If you have an idea of shipping i can send money order today or anytime.


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Okay! I've shipped shoes before and it's been anywhere from $17 to $25, but I'll see if I can get a lower rate since you don't have to have them immediately.

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