Getting back into it after a break - Shoe advice

Hi everyone,

I've been swing dancing since 2011, but took a break for about 8 months and now my husband and I are looking to get back into it again. I used to wear flats with a strap that had a decent amount of support and velvet on the bottom, but they are so worn out that I had to throw them away. I'm not in the market for professional swing dance shoes yet, as we can not really afford them, and I was looking for something softer to break back into. I've been looking at different styles of Oxford jazz shoes to use as an alternative. Has anyone else used jazz shoes for EC swing? Any and all advice is appreciated. I'm not looking to spend more than about $40, and I'd prefer shoes without a heel while the footwork comes back to me.


Steve Pastor

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A comment on the shoes worn by one of the women in the dance rehearsal scene in Hot Rod Gang.
(1950s West Coast Swing + Lindy Flips, etc)

the saddle oxfords with the buckle on the back of the heel were called "rock n roll " saddle oxfords. The shoe was not a clunky saddle ox, but was made to have a streamlined silhouette. Besides the ballerina slipper shoes and flats, these were the best for dancing on all surfaces.

I easily found these for women for under $40. Can't vouch for dancing in current models. Just a thought.

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