I'm not sure how many people from the UK use these forums but here goes anyway. I run a site - UK only just now - for dance teachers and dance oraganisers to tell the world about their dances and classes. It's free, not for profit and the nice thing is the people who have the info - the teachers and organisers - add the info and keep it up to date themselves so there is no bottleneck.

The site has been growing steadily and there are almost 60 contributors now. It covers all dance styles. So if you are a teacher or dance organiser and want to get involved visit www.godancing.info and remember it's FREE :D

Dave Robinson
Aberdeen, UK


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welcome to df scotweb. Since your site does not require much work hopefully you will contribute to df you insight, experience and perspective in our discussions. Also you could always include that site in your signature line with a comment about it being for dances and classes etc....and that way other members will find out about it. We actually have quite a few df members from GB. Then we have members who visit the UK and always want to find out what is happening there.

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