Good Country West Coast Music?

Steve Pastor

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Pontoon, I should check that out, I thought. Turns out I've been dancing WCS to it for months! Yeah, I like it a lot.
I'm guessing it's the shuffle feel that makes it good for WCS, although that isn't specified on the sheet music.
The drummer accents on the 2 and the 4, so you could do Nite Club, too, but, it feels more like West Coast. I'm betting it's the shuffle feel.
That's a good one.
Recent good WCS release; "Pontoon" by Little Big Town. A good but oldy is "Crazy Mama" by JJ Cale.
I think Crazy Mama is great, this was the first I heard of it. Have been dancing to Pontoon a lot.

How about these for real oldies?

Don't Worry by Marty Robbins 101 bpm
Satin Sheets by Jeanne Pruett 100 bpm
Tight Fittin' Jeans by Conway Twitty 103bpm
Tornado by Little Big Town
Tulsa Time by Don Williams 104bpm

But often music from other genre are fun:

Stray Cat Strut by Peggy Polk
Bring It On Home by Kenny Neal
Home USA by Fats Domino
I Got the Blues by Brother Yusef
Let's Walk by Austin De Lone
She Just Wants to Dance by Keb Mo


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I don't object to the speed, but the verses are sort of flat--don't ask what I mean….I don't mean it as a technical term, it's just how it strikes me. Uninspiring for me. I dislike the song in any case!

Steve Pastor

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OK. My opinion? I don't know why anyone would expect people to do WCS when this is played. There are just so many songs that facilitate dancing the music rather than just doing WCS because there is music playing.
I spend a lot of time in metro Phoenix which has a big WCS community. So I get to WCS to a wide variety music and IMO most CW music isn't as much fun as some of the other genre. In Phoenix I don't know where the DJs find all of this music but they dance to Blues, Pop, ChaCha, and Hustle.

Some song to check out:
She Just Wants to Dance by Keb Mo
Compass & Map by Robin Thicke
Neck Deep in the Blues by Big Rude Jake
Like Water by Ladi6
Roll It by P-Square
One More Night by Maroon 5
Baby, What You Want Me To Do by Etta James (live SF version)


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Asleep at the Wheel, Ranch Romance, the album Hillbilly Jazz, Dwight Yoakam is as close to western swing as most radios get. Some Jerry Jeff Walker would fit the bill.

Steve Pastor

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I can't find the one thread I usually post this stuff in, but this one will do.
LeAnn Rimes wasn't the first one to emphasize the blues like qualities in this song, first recorded by Merle Travis and made into a big hit by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
Did you catch the line about the voodoo woman?

Bonus track...

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I might even request this one, cause I doubt it'll hit radio much. I hope I'm wrong about that.

People do WCS to "Tornado," which for me is a nite club because of the very strong percussion. Looking around for critic comments on this song, they hear the shuffle in there just like I do.
Here's one.
"Musgraves sings over a shuffling guitar lick that is the epitome of cool."

Enough to make me do West Coast if I can get someone to play it and can find someone who will go along with me.

Steve Pastor

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This came on last night when one of my favorite partners asked me to dance.
We used to do a line to it, but I have no idea how it went.
I listened for a while, and settled on West Coast Swing.

It worked out pretty well and was a great way to start the evening.

Steve Pastor

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Meanwhile, back at the saloon...

Clip is from Wyoming Hurricane (1944)

Interestingly, Jimmy Wakely has a copyright on a song with this title in 1947, the same year he sang it in "Song of the Wasteland" (1947).

I can't find a copy of that film anywhere, but have requested a copy of sheet music to see if it's that same song, which would be kinda weird.
Faron Young has a song with the same title in 1959, and it is NOT the same song.

Anyhow, I'd do West Coast to this one, but I'm sure I'll never hear it played by the dj where I do most of my CW dancing.

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