Good Country West Coast Music?

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There probably wasn't anyone doing WCS to this in "the better hotels" in the 1st half of the 50s, but, hey, maybe at Riverside Rancho.

Hank Williams and WCS?
"he never lost the lazy swing and sock rhythm"
"he had a good sock rhythm playing open chords..."
"Holmes played the "sock rhythm guitar that took the place of brushed on a snare drum..."

Some (not all) sheet music shows that familiar play two 1/8 notes like a quarter and an eighth notation.

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heard on Willie's Road house

vintage 1974

Tillis loves to play shuffles, and he recorded songs with Bob Wills and his Western Swing Band, such as "Looking Over my Shoulder" and "I Wish I Felt This Way at Home" (1967).
"I still do dances, but there aren't as many around as there used to be. I am looking forward to coming to Wichita Falls to play," he said.
Tillis was pleased when Legends producer Gloria Miers contacted him in 2013 to play the show for the first time, and he and his band "are looking forward to playing a potful of shuffles," with a set list that may be expanded to some of his other material.
Although Suzy Bogguss' cover of Eat at Joe's is a foxtrot I think it is one of the best Country WCS songs.
" I Slipped and Fell In Love" by Alan Jackson
"Beachin" Jake Owen
"Fresh Coat of Paint" Lee Roy Parnell
"Some Kind of Trouble" Tanya Tucker
"Runaway" Bonnie Raitt
"A Feathers Not a Bird" Rosanne Cash
Here are some non Country songs that I think are better for WCS, but depends on the audience and their WCS experience:
"Take Me to the river" Kaleida
"Stay with Me" Sam Smith (slow)
"King of the Road" Roger Miller or Randy Travis
"Going Down to the River" Doug Seegers
"Destiny" Eric Bib
"Beast of Burden" Big Head Todd
"Snow (Hey Oh)" Red Hot Chili Peppers

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"King of the Road" is in my Easy Country Piano book. (just sayin')

We did a line dance to it at the Hilton in downtown Portland at a reception for Russian business people back in the day.

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This song has been mentioned at least twice in this thread, but now we can link to the video, and it came up for me this past Saturday.

This song came out in January 1997. It's twenty years old, and they're still playing it and it still gets people into a slot!
So, I asked one of my, probably youngest, favorite WCS partners (she started it!) to do a Nite Club to a song that had that seemingly ubiquitous in country bom bom BOM... percussion. Well, it was on the fast side, but she wanted to do West Coast to it. So, yeah, you could count 1 2 3&4 5&6 to that beat, but... it didn't swing, and it didn't shuffle. So we passed on whatever was playing. A bit later this one came on.
Happy camper!
(yeah, she danced it with me.)
During my WCS journey I've observed several preferences for WCS music styles from Country, POP, Blues, Hustle, and everything in between. My perspective has been broadened by dancing in two different venues; CW and WCS. And in two different regions of the country. In addition my dance partner was a pro musician who has competed and won WCS J&Js. I've observed that different venues and regions each have different styles of dance and music preferences, so if you want to broaden your horizons try dancing to different music styles.
Progressive 2 step to Mombo #5, a Foxtrot, or an East Coast Swing song.
WCS to a slow Cha-Cha, Hustle, or a pop song.

I previously posted some WCS songs, here are few more:

Death Came a Knocking by Ruthy Foster
September Song by JP Cooper
Watchugot by Caro Emerald (very good)
Body Like a Backroad by Sam Hunt (Country)
Destiny by Eric Bibb

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