Google Image Search Game

Ok, here is how it works
1) We start out with a word or phrase
2) You find an image using Google's Image Search
3) Then you post a word or phrase
4) Try to come up with pictures that are funny or interpret the phrase in a special way
5) Keep it clean, and free of inflamatory issues.

I'll start. How about...

Norman Rockwell Painting

And I will leave it up to the next person to find...

Pez Dispenser

(I found a really good Bill Clinton pez dispenser picture, but I was afraid it would be inappropriate to post it. Think: Monica. LOL)



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I'm not sure I understand the rules. But I do love anything involving google searches, so hey. I'm in. (The Donny Osmond dispenser was a real find! 8) :D )

Edit: Here's a better one.

How about coke bottle? Anyone?


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I can't believe I picked the one cat image that somebody took down. It's just not there anymore. Darn! Here's another.

{image link not working}

And here's a santa hat for good measure.

Oh yeah, what's next? How about a tiny dancer? :wink:
Oh :!: It didnt work quite the way I hoped (I tried using the image tags, but something must have gone wrong..)

OH Well 8) better luck next time right?

As for now its my turn to chose the item.

Hmm..... :roll: ........OOH!! :idea: I know!! :idea: how about a monkey!! :lol:
I tried to find a picture with the guy blowing the horn, but couldn't find one with the Ricola logo in it. Darn!

{non working image removed}



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