Google Image Search Game

alright, mainly to test my image posting no-capabilities

Hey it works! so why wouldnt the chartreuse barby work?
Next up, eggplant with a nose.
What're you laughing at? Having an aversion to beef is a very difficult thing for me to cope with. I'm a carnivore at heart. Can't even watch a @#$%^&*-ing Longhorn Steaks COMMERCIAL without feeling seasick.


Anyone find a pic of prenatal vitamins yet?


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That was easy. 8)

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to Sam's Club and bought some prenatal vitamins to ship to a pregnant girlfriend overseas? The dadblamed cashier congratulated me! :shock: Eeek. Then , when I told her I wasn't the lucky mom-to-be, she congratulated me again. The cashier was a mother of four. Maybe she knows something I don't. :roll: :lol:
Lol, those veggies- they think they are wierd? They should see what comes out of our greenhouse sometimes! I found some dancing carrots once (completely intwined- probably doing tango) Ill post a pic if i ever find more...


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DancingMommy said:
Balaam's Donkey.... You know - the talking one from the Old Testament. Or any talking donkey will do for now, lol. ;)
:lol: :lol:

Sheesh! How'm I supposed to get all these oblique Old Testament references? :doh:

Off to go find B&J. :car:


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Never seen the movie. :oops: Can you believe that? The things you learn in DF.

Bible references. Classic movies. What's next?

Martin Sheen. :lol:

You GOTTA try harder than that.

Lilo & Stitch (not animated). Try that one on for size.

Here's a hint.... If you google hard enough, you'll find MY kids with Lilo & Stitch.


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Sorry. It was a West Wing joke. I couldn't resist. 8)

Oh and I'd bet L&S will be hard to find. Disney's pretty darn proprietary with their images. I'll leave the googling to someone else, on that one. :twisted:

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