gossip about Kitty's partnership status


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people keep mentioning that they might have split.
If anyone knows anything, please post here and let all of us interested know.

Larinda McRaven

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Sorry Kitty, we prefer not to gossip here. If there is an official statement then we can post a copy of that and then discuss it. But until then we at Dance Forums ask everyone to respect Giampiero and Frantsiska's privacy.


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well, the gossip is already around.
I created the topic so that someone could share official information if they have it.
I wish I knew what is going on and what is going to happen with my partnership status...

I "officially" don't have a partner but people keep feeding me hopes and mentioning that there are possibilities. Where?
The opportunities are all around you, you just have to find it!

O.K., enough of space fillers.... maybe next time when someone says that to you, ask them to find you a partner :wink: !

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