got kicked out of salsa class

chook said:
i feel so hurt right now. I got kicked out of my salsa dance. MY salsa teacher politely told me that i was not at all good enough, and that my improvement has been very minimal. He told me to go back to his beginner classes, but I can't go to them because of sheduling conflicts. So now, I have no salsa class to go to. I feel so devastated. So hurt. I love salsa. I love salsa so much, and now I have no salsa to go to. I Love holding girls in my arms. I love everything that salsa is. And now it has all been taken fro me. I feel very very hurt right now. Because I won't be able to do any salsa, atleast until my schedule changes, and that won't be until next January. This really really has been very hurtful. I feel devastated.
:) You can trust this board to tell it like it is... :)

It seems to me you're overreacting a tad here. It's just a dance class for pete's sake, it don't pay the rent.

If memory serves me, in another thread you asked whether you should start dancing in clubs. Which probably means the only dancing you do is in class. This tells me your estimate of your dancing skill is probably waaaay too high. A bit of humility and maturity will do you good.

If you think you've been treated unfairly, a buddy of mine got banned from a certain studio because they deemed his shoewear inappropriate (it wasn't).
chook said:
I wasn't the only one kicked out..a couple of other guys also were too.

Oh long as I can keep doing salsa, I will be happy
maybe if you all go together you can take turns leading and following.
that way you'll learn even better & faster!
Chook - You have no idea - dozens of people would want the opportunity of taking private lessons for the price of a group lesson. You just need to take the initiative and ask as many people from your beginning class as possible. (You can even ask a guy and take turns leading.) It might be a bit of work asking a lot of people. But, if you really want to learn as much as you say you do, then jump on this chance and don't let it go to waste.


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chook said:
But I will never dance with another guy....only girls....
Hmm ... maybe you rethink someday. I have found it very helpful to dance as a follower with other men, be it beginners or the best leads in our local scene. It is a very good exercise for balance, awareness, and also you feel how your follows should feel.

However dancing with other men is not about hormones, but very much about dancing ...


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most beginners think that your are gay then.. hehhe.. but more advanced dancers thinks your the coolest..

you need to look further! :D
chook said:
I don't mind going back to beginners class, and I would if I could, but as I said, it is impossible for me to change my schedule at this time. My dance instructor told me that I am too good for beginners class, but not good enough for his class yesterday. SO I am rather stuck.
What? :shock: I don't understand. How can you be too good for Beginning and not good enough for the next one. Are you taking his courses in sequence? Is there a hole in his program or are you taking some other non-sequential class due to scheduling problems?
He told me that he would give me private lessons for the same price as the group rate, but that i have to find a follow to bring each week. Finding a girl who can come each week is more difficult than it sounds....

I wasn't the only one kicked out..a couple of other guys also were too.

Oh long as I can keep doing salsa, I will be happy
Same price sounds good. It seems he's sort of opening up a Beginner/Improver course for you guys...

Yes, finding a girl for practice or steady lessons is sometimes hard :cry:

Try to make it happen. It seems you'll get more personalized attention and allow you to keep dancing.
Also, try to make arrangements with other students to meet at someone's place or club to practice. That will help you a lot. There's a differnece between class, practice and social dancing.
I started out in an intermediate class, as that's all that was available/convenient for me and my instructor said I had the moves, I just needed to learn the steps. Yes, I struggled at first, but I also went to salsa parties, clubs and practiced at home almost every night of the week. I finally took some beginner's classes when they opened up several months later and found they were too easy for me(yet I attended because I wanted to dance and my teacher thought it would be good to help the other students). I finally caught up to the intermediate level in 6 months (most of those students had been there over a year) but it was going to all those clubs, parties and practice that got me there.
chook said:
I am not going to be dancing with another guy....

Don't worry, I will find a girl......

The lessons are semi-private...other guys who were dismissed from that class will also be it won't just be me and the follow...

But I will never dance with another guy....only girls....
Too funny, too funny.

I got my male (like me) instructor to teach me Bachata(!) in a private lesson. And yes it involved closed hold position.

Sure, it was a little uncomfortable. But damnit man, do it for the love of the dance!

I hear the tango dancers in Argentina used to dance with each other for hours before heading out to their milongas (?) (AT dancers, please excuse my cluelessness whens it comes to terminology) and dancing with ladies - and that's a really close dance too.

Check out Brujo's signature as well.

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