Governor Gray Davis and Salsa Dancing, What's The Connection

Ok, right about now everyone has heard about
the chaos around the Governor Gray Davis recall.

If you don't know what it is, basically the people of
California feel that the Governor is no longer capable
of running the state. Therefore, they now want to
remove him from office through the use of a recall.

What does this have to do with salsa dancing?

Before I get into that, consider this:

Governor Davis enjoyed a very impressive level
of popularity in California.

Basically, he could do no wrong.

Now, though, things are very different. California
has reached a budget deficit greater than any other
in history.

That coupled with many other things, have literally
flamed the fire.

Today, despite his popularity, he will be facing a
recall election and he's up against over 300 other
people, among them are movie stars, and porno

So again, what does this have to do with salsa dancing?


No matter how popular you are, if people do not feel
as if you're looking after their best interest...they will
replace you.

On the dance floor, it's no different.

If you don't look after your partner, if you don't
make your partner look good, if your partner does
not have a good time dancing with you...

You have just lost popularity.

Even if you've been a great dancer all along, if
the time comes that you no longer keep these
things in mind, you will lose that popularity and
people will not want to dance with you.

How can you make sure this doesn't happen to you?

Well, that's simple too.

Just give them what they want.

Don't perform routines that your partner cannot

Don't try to show-off your moves, and completely
alienate your partner.

Don't make your partner feel as if they are no longer
part of the dance.

What you want to do is:

Enjoy the song, the music, the dance, WITH your

Make sure that no matter what level you or your
partner are at, that you both dance in a way that
makes both of you look good.

Slow down!!

This is not an aerobic work-out where the person
that does the most flips wins!!

You're there to dance, not jump around.

Respect everyone around you and respect the other
dancers' floor space.

Basically, dance with your partner as if you're the only
two people in the room, while acknowledging and
respecting the other dancers.

Do these things, and you won't be facing the dreaded

Salsa dancing recall...
Hey SD,

Great post!! I tell you people are probably
going to think that we are doing this on purpose
but really it's pure how we're writing
about the same topics.

If you check out your post on "The Dark Side
of Dancing" I posted a link to my latest newsletter
which touches on some of the points you brought
up in the article...

Vince A

Active Member
What's the connection???

There isn't any . . . so when you can't lead . . . we can't be expected to follow!

All we can do is find someone "else to dance with!"

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