gratitude thread


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sorry, I gotta name two:

and friends that offered to help me pack/move/unpack
might have known you'd be the first rule breaker...actually I felt the same way and then the list got to like 200 and I thought...I don't want everybody to just name everything they can think of the first day then forget to be grateful later...but I suppose since I am a kind an benevolent OP we will let it slide;)


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I am grateful for those special Band-Aid brand blister patches. Although they don't come in a size large enough for one of mine...I have a big chunk taken out of one of my feet (ouch), but the blister patches keep it covered and clean and medicated and cushioned. I'm going to try dancing on it later this afternoon.
I'm grateful that my nightmare last night that i was back in college and failing an English class because I had not turned any work in WAS, in fact, only a dream. :)

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