gratitude thread


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grateful that dh's car is back from the mechanic and that I don't have to work til 10:30....because I am feeling like crap and I need the extra few hours to make myself human


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Sitting under the oak trees with the labrador at my side and a glass of wine in my hand, listening to the crickets, grasshoppers and cicadas, and watching a pretty sunset. "And I think to myself, what a WONDERFUL world!"


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Grateful for:
Vick's vapor inhalers (they look like a minty-fresh nose tampon applicator),
Vanilla Caramel cream soda,
Small doses of Ibuprophen,
My awesome phone,
HUGE temperature break so that I'm not sweating like the hog that I am,
The adorable new three-dollar prostitute-red purse that I found today,
An empty, quiet house,
Vincent Guaraldi's music,
Nothing to do but sleep late, feed some fourlegged brats, and nuke something for my own noms.


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A friend who was trying out a new camera got a couple of photos of me dancing with my Pro that make my neck look OK. I'm going to ask for a copy of one to send to my PT to thank him for the at-home exercise program he designed for me and to tell him "It works!"
Today I am grateful for early morning wake-ups when the sun is just starting to rise, a cup of coffee, a puppy who is really, really happy I'm awake, blue skies, and something wonderful to look forward to less than a week away.


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I am grateful for my lessons, my wonderful DP, my kitties, my house, living in the country where everything is lush, green, and quiet, my mother, brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew...and my job. I don't like where I work (at all), but I don't mind my job, and am grateful to have it. Thank goodness for a living wage.


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Staying busy
People who actually believe I know what I'm doing and let me help them out, with good results.
The people who don't keeping their distance.
Dollar Tree having watch batteries so I can stop spending twelve bucks a pop.
Finding a cheapo mascara I like better than my UD.
That today is over.

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