gratitude thread

Baby steps that lead to big opportunities and goals within reach.
Warm weather and plentiful Vitamin D.
Bosses on vacation...SO much actually gets done!
Unconditional love greeting me at the door when I get home.


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For the enormous blessings DH and I have experienced in the last year.
Essentially, got through the "stuff" and my ever deep belief that prayers are answered when HE feels it's the right time, whew!!!


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a lovely afternoon floating in the pool with an easy, fun-loving friend followed by a picnic dinner at the outdoor symphony in Chicago.....and a supremely beautiful autumn-like morning.....good cup of coffee, chat with my best buddy dh....practice coming is good


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After 18 1/2 months, countless hours of physical therapy exercises and extensive massage therapy, the overly-protective muscle in my neck is FINALLY starting to release. There is still work to do with some residual stiffness and there is still some snapping and cracking, but once that pesky muscle started to release, it's relieved a great deal of the soreness.


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My husband, who is taking 100% care of me, his sick wife, after he gave me his sicko germs from 2 days ago.... Ahhhh the guilt sometimes works in my favor!


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Thought about an acquaintance from France who used to live here and was in our dance community. He has since returned to France, but visits here often. After the Paris tragedy I sent him an email and he replied to say that he is Ok, though close to where the attacks occurred. Glad to know this.

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