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Are you doing something different, or is it just a matter of finally getting past a chronic problem?
yes....we pulled every piece of carpeting out of the house and I got all new pillows and I now don't do anything which might irritate my lungs without a cleaning the litter boxes and and floors....I also now have a rescue inhaler and take more effective allergy meds, and if it is too dry we run the vaporizer....I also continue to be committed to getting some cardio each week...and we have taken a break from having a fire in the has all helped....

unfortunately, now that I am back at hospice work, I am exposed to way too much heavy cigarette smoke with our patients and it definitely causes me some set backs
Today I am grateful rhinestones. My entire body is crazily achey:pain: but I can sit at my table by the window and stick rhinestones onto stenciled flowers and be at peace, at least with with my creative self:joyful:. I wouldn't experiment like this with expensive stones, but the cheap ones are great to play with. They are also lead free (I guess that is one reason they are not as sparkly). I am wondering about making a few more flowers and adding them to bracelets and then attaching some sort of float....


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Grateful the now passed monsoon didn't turn to snow as the TV weather goobers were initially predicting. The flowering trees are popping like crazy after all that rain. Daffodils are blooming too.

And I have a weekend with nothing, absolutely nothing, on my calendar. Except for a king-hell burrito sometime.

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