gratitude thread


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Sleep, if and when I can get it.


I've had to go back and re-read this thread today. Just a blah mood/funk--having a hard time finding something to be grateful for. I guess that's the whole point.


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Not to rub it in on you, but I should have instead written, "I'm grateful nobody ever notices when I come late to work, and even if they do, they don't give me any grief" :D

I had no idea what Au Bon Pain was until I looked it up just now. My first instinct was to assume it was some kind of pain :shock:
too funny! I forget that it's not a nationwide chain. I don't go in often because you could easily gain 5 lbs in one sitting.


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Oh, and I have to say, I'm grateful for the 2 people who told me about my new teacher. I had never even heard of him and now am very happy to be with him.
I am grateful for the random lady who brought us Pizza at work, just because we were day dreaming about good pizza.

(She was a customer, me and another cashier were talking about what the best pizza in town was. She said her pizza was, and came back 1.5 hrs later with a freshly made batch of it!)


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grateful for pizza today, having So You Think You're A Zombie on DVR -
two versions now. Still like the first one better.

Yesterday, grateful for Robert Parker's new book about Sunny Randall.
I'm grateful for peaceful and restful sleep yesterday night. It's been a while since I woke up in the morning and felt like I had a good night's sleep and felt physically and emotionally rested with no anxieties to nag my mind!

Oh and I also met a cute girl at the dance floor yesterday. I'm looking forward to dancing with her again :bouncy:
Aha! There's the reason for good sleep. Meeting a new girl. ;-)
That was just the bonus. I was able to keep my followers interested for those 12+ minute songs the band was playing, there weren't too many beginners and every dance felt good, and the best bonus was that finally, the girl who taught me to dance (think super advanced) had fun dancing with me and had to think on her feet to follow well, and had fun doing it - which felt super great :banana:

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