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At Take the Lead Dancewear we take your shoe needs very very seriously. Ask any professional and they will tell you: Dance shoes are the single most important purchase for the professional and amateur competitive dancer or the novice.
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Looking for a ladies custom rhythm ballroom shoe. I always have blisters on my heels after I compete. I need a triple AAA narrow shoe cup with a - narrow size: A for front - toes. I have used very fine shoes which have been the best so far, but not perfect. My toes hang out some from my rhythm shoes which is ok for me, but shoes are still not right. Help - any company that customize foot/ shoe, by some special form mold to measure foot to get the perfect fit? I like 2 in. heel - or 1 1/2 in. heel - not cuban. My normal street size 9 to 9/1/2 - but to get heel cup to fit - which is what I have right now - the AA narow heel cup - If I got the next size up - heel cup Too Big!

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