Great experience with Madame Pivot shoes!

This is a happy report! My friends in Europe seem to really like Madame Pivot shoes (their line for men is sometimes called Monsieur Pivot). I had a chance to check them out while I was in Paris, and I liked their style and construction quality. For men it can be hard to find something beyond black. in Paris I tried out a variety of comfortable, immensely danceable shoes. Alas, their French vendor didn't have the exact model I wanted, so I waited until returning to the US to place an order with the American distributor.

I was anxious about buying over the internet. I'd always tried out shoes in person before committing to the purchase, since shoe choices can be quite personal. So after I clicked the "buy" button, I held my breath until my order arrived -- which it did only a few days after I placed the order. They sent out the order fast! When I opened the package, the shoes were more beautiful than in the website pictures! They were well-made like the ones I saw in Paris. For reference, I usually wear Diamant and 2x4 Al Pie shoes, and I'd say Madame Pivot is a really good value in comparison. In my subjective impression, they offer more colors and styles than Diamant, and they're a bit cheaper for the same quality. It's hard to compare with 2x4 Al Pie, since their construction is unique (changeable sole, super-flexible mid-sole). But Madame Pivot shoes are definitely more affordable.

My report could just end here, but then all you would know is Madame Pivot makes good products. I want to say they also seem to have good people working for them. The French vendor is a really cool woman -- a dancer who cares about what you need as a dancer. Though located in Paris, she also speaks English and we monolingual Americans won't have trouble communicating with her.

I had a chance to talk with the American vendor (based in California), when I had an issue about the fit. The representative I spoke to was very knowledgeable about shoes, not to mention very intelligent, understanding, and tactful. She was a pleasure to work with! She went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. I think if you, like me, are afraid to buy over the internet and you're interested in Madame Pivot shoes, you should talk to her first. She has the experience and knowledge to find the right fit and the right shoes for you. She can advise you on the different strategies for purchasing over the internet and guide you through the process.

I wish I had consulted with her when I was placing my order. I just assumed my order would just get processed in some sort of warehouse operation. In retrospect, I realize it's not a faceless operation, and it's surely run by fellow dancers. The whole experience was so positive that I told her I'd tell people about her company. So here I am, posting on this forum even though I'm a lurker for the most part. No, I don't profit from this. I'm just a satisfied customer who will buy from them again. I hope you'll find good shoes, wherever you buy them, and dance well!

madamepivotusa dot net
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I bought a pair of Monsieur Pivot last fall, ordered them from their site in the US. I *love* these shoes. They look fantastic and feel fantastic. I've got two pairs of Werner Kern with suede soles but prefer the Pivot. I've been trying to get another pair for six months but they never have anything in my size. Why it takes so long to make them is beyond me. I tried writing to the Italian company, the US office (one person, really) and have now tried outlets in France and Belgium. The best anyone can do is at least a two-month wait. If you have a reliable source, please share. I find the Pivot to be very well made, by the way and purchased them with the leather sole. My other shoes are suede and, I have to say, I prefer the Pivot leather sole.


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The best anyone can do is at least a two-month wait.
I saw some blue Repetto on their web page and entered a boutique. It appeared that the said colour was a limited series. Most had been sold already, and it will never be made again.
They had the color and the size, but not the model. They also had the model and the size, but not the color. And the model and color, but not the size. They checked the Repetto worldwide database, nowhere to be found.



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My favorites are the Derby shoes. Love their suede models and they do a great off-white Derby, which is the one I've been trying to get. Because it's a small company, I suppose they don't produce every model in every size, but even so, I'm 41.5, which is a fairly popular shoe size for men. You'd think they would produce a bunch in that and other close sizes. Also, if you're in the US, you can't order directly from their main Web boutique in Italy.

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