Salsaonone said:
On most occasions after I have danced with a follower, I give her a hug to thank her for dancing with me and then leave her after walking her off the floor. Well the other night I did just that and this particular follower (will not mention if she was attractive or not) pinched me in the rear end!! I was shocked! :shock: I was half angry and half flattered. But mostly in shock. I didn't know how to respond (did she really do what I think she just did?? :) ), so I just ignored it and walked off. That was actually the first time that happened to me in the few years that I have been dancing salsa. Now, what would you as a guy would have done, there is something in me that said that wasnt proper and something in me that said "thank you may I have another".

This IMO is one of those occaisions where the rules aren't equal between the sexes and it's fine by me. A guy shouldn't do this, but if a girl wanted to give you a pinch on the @ss, be thankful. I would and think of it just as some harmless flirting. And her beauty shouldn't be a factor whether it's acceptable. It's not that you're going to sleep with her. I'd give her a wink and a smile.
Florida is beautiful this time of year. AND I plan to go salsa dancing again tonight. Only night I can this weekend, the future in-laws will be here tomorrow. When does your plane arrive?


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I'll be in Miami in November, some friends may be planning a trip to miami in the next couple of months. I'll let you know :twisted:


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TemptressToo said:
If you are in Mobile, DO, DO, DO let me know. I go to Mobile once a week to dance at my favorite DanceSport studio. :) I'd be honored.
Thanks for the invite, will have to see. I will be in town for a weekend visiting some friends that don't dance so it may be tough to swing it.
Kindra said:
Sagitta said:
Kindra said:
Sagitta said:
El guru said:
I thought he was a she... :eek: :oops: :lol: :lol:
No worries. I do want to learn how to follow well, and my gf is okay with me dancing with others sexily now. :wink: :)

Haha!! A bit of flirting between you two...even AFTER the truth is exposed...hmmmmmm... :shock: :wink: :lol: :lol:
You jealous? You interested? I do like to experiment with threesomes
Hmmmm.....can I plead the 5th on this one??? :wink:
Please would like a threesome with you, another guy, and a woman???? :shock:
Or you and two women?? ----> :ladiesma:
why not 2 men and a woman? :D
TemptressToo said:
Too bad Miami is 15 hours from here. :(

if you want in 15 hours (by plane) you can be in sicily too...

someone here call it "la isla del incanto" (dream's island) because is one of the high density salsero's population place in the world... :D
that's sounds cool. Check this clip. we have to do thing like this sometimes (the hip grinding)

right click to download
[threadjack]was that vitor and ana? been a long time since ive seen them dance.[/endthreadjack]

Ive had some pretty bad experiences including a time when lets just say that everyone in the club could see that the guy was *happy* to dance with me :shock: i need to be more aggressive and tell ppl to $@*%
I've seen a video of a woman dancing with 2 partners and passing from on1 to on2 every changing partner...

Making it easier (without changing time) .. I do it sometimes with some friends of mine...


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Sagitta said:
Twilight_Elena said:
El guru said:
why not 2 men and a woman? :D
I would assume that a woman can't deal with two men simultaneously... After all, we only have two hands. :wink: :p

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Men too have only 2 hands... :?
Bad joke, Sagitta. Bad comment, too. :oops: :D
Oh, just forget about it. Dance with 10 men at the same time, see if you can do it, girls!

Twilight Elena

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