Guess what!!!

Guess what! I just got a new kitten today!!!! I am SOOO excited!!!! I haven't had a kitty since I was really little. She's SOOO cute and such a darling little cuddler...I just had to tell everyone how excited I am.
Thanks. I've never been a mother of "children" but I certinaly feel like a mother up, giving cuddles, getting food...gotta love responsiblity.

Ooh...hello from Winnie...the kitten (she came with the name).
It was completely a stroke of destiny!

My fiance is not crazy about cats...I've been begging to get a kitty for a REALLY long time. Then, I went down to do laundry yesterday (we live in an apartment) and saw a posting for someone giving away a free 6 month old grey tiger kitten.

I told the sweetie about it and he agreed if I promised to take care of the little critter and take full responsiblity, then it would be my decision and he would agree to whatever I chose. After church this AM, I called the number and was happily suprise to find noone had called on the kitty yet. The lady brought Winnie over within the hour.

From what I understand, she already has a grown cat that is jealous of the kitten and is refusing to eat. As the woman likes to describe it, her older cat is "on strike." She figured the only way to get him to eat again was to get rid of the kitten.

She's so cuddley and friendly. SDsalsaguy - I've passed along petting, scratches, and cuddles from you to a very receptive kitten. Winnie purrs in appreciation!

cool! I actually have a seal point siamese that lives with my mom because my bf is allergic. I would get another cat, not a siamese, but my bf doesn't want it to tear up the new leather couch...I guess that's a reasonable reason. Plus, my dog would probably flip out LOL.


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Me too. Golden retriever for xmas! :D

Or lab for halloween!

Or German Shepherd for Thanksgiving.

Whatever. I'm confused, but it's definitely time for a dogggy! :D


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Okay. It's time for me to go dog shopping. Problem is, I've never actually done this myself. I've only had a dog and a kitten given to me before. Never had to go looking for one. Where do you get a good, healthy dog?
Jenn, I would check out the pound... find one that picks you and that you feel a sort of connection with and that you can imagine living with for a long time. Interact before you decide and listen to your heart.

:lol: is this about picking out a puppy or a boyfriend? :lol: same difference I suppose except one can go with you to a movie and you wouldn't get from the pound. :wink:


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LOL! You wouldn't say that if you saw some of my former boyfriends.! :lol: :lol:

Just kidding. I think the local pound charges something like a nominal $65 fee. And you get to rescue an animal. Not bad. :D

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