Guilty Pleasures and Cheap Thrills !!!


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In the online article "Supermarket Standoff: Ice Cream Sandwiches", they had results from posting a question on Facebook and Twitter: "What is your favorite store-bought ice cream sandwich?"


#1 Big Daddy
Nutrition: 1 serving = 270 calories; 10 g fat; 200 mg sodium; 38 g carbohydrates
Cost: $19.00 for a case of 24
Blind Tasting Notes: "Cookie retains crunch"; "Better cookie than the others"; "Soft serve-like ice cream"; "Tastes like a real chocolate cookie"

#2 Julie's Organic
Nutrition: 1 serving = 200 calories; 11 g fat; 115 mg sodium; 23 g carbohydrates
Cost: $2.19 for one
Blind Tasting Notes: "Sticky cookie is a classic, but slightly funny taste to ice cream"; "Strong vanilla flavor"; "Ice cream tastes a little like Cool Whip"; "Nice balance of ice cream and chocolate"

#3 Fat Boy
Nutrition: 1 serving = 220 calories; 9 g fat; 115 mg sodium; 32 g carbohydrates
Cost: About $4.49 for a box of 6
Blind Tasting Notes: "Better cookie texture but not enough ice cream", "Ratio off"; "The cookie has a nice chocolate flavor, but ice cream flavor tastes bland"

#4 Dolly Madison
Nutrition: 1 serving = 160 calories; 6 g fat; 150 mg sodium; 24 g carbohydrates
Cost: $3.69 for a box of 6
Blind Tasting Notes: "Cookie tastes kind of strange"; "Artificial tasting"; "Has a weird tang to it"; "Reminds me of the ice cream sandwich I grew up with"; "Soft chocolate-y crust"

#5 Skinny Cow
Nutrition: 1 serving = 140 calories; 1.5 g fat; 135 mg sodium; 30 g carbohydrates
Cost: $5.59 for a box of 6
Blind Tasting Notes: "Flavorless"; "A little cloying"; "Too sweet"; "Ice cream tastes artificial/chemically"; "No chocolate taste"; "Tastes like diet ice cream"

#6 Tofutti Cuties
Nutrition: 1 serving = 130 calories; 6 g fat; 121 mg sodium; 17 g carbohydrates
Cost: $4.99 for a box of 8
Blind Tasting Notes: "Yuck! Could barely take a bite of this. Also a super weird color"; "Bleh"; "Weird texture"; "Tastes like sweet Styrofoam"

Full article:

http: // shine. /channel/food/supermarket-standoff-ice-cream-sandwiches-1792514/

The last three sound awful and none sound good!


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Tofutti Cuties are awesome. They taste just like the super cheap ones my mom bought when I was little. But they're critter product free!


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Tofutti Cuties are awesome. They taste just like the super cheap ones my mom bought when I was little. But they're critter product free!
Amen sister! I'm allergic to anything and everything but I do eat these delicious morsels once in a while. The berry ones are the bomb!
Cheap thrills/guilty pleasures for me would be:
-CHOCOLATE.... I have an addiction problem
-Good food in general.. I have been known to spend too much. Oops ;)
-Shoes, especially sexy heels and boots
-Watching Nip/Tuck (Depressed that the series ended this year :( )
-Going to the airport just to go to the airport. I freakin love it and don't know why lol
-When someone trips or falls... I laugh and cry like there is no tomorrow

I may have just admitted too much lol
Eliska, thank you for reminding me about horchata. Now I've craving some to go with some good Mexican food! :)
The Other Guys was #1 at the box office this past weekend. Inception was there before that for 3 weeks.

The Other Guys made $35,543,162 and Inception $18,505,470 (grossing $227,637,569 in 4 weeks), as I saw on Yahoo Movies for the August 6-8 weekend box office stats...
Talladega Nights !!!

Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights is a source of constant cheap thrills for me. Sacha Baron Cohen as his French rival is hilarious and he often steals the show. And there are so many funny scenes and lines in the movie!

One of the random dumb-funny scenes is the one where there's lots and lots of pizza and KFC on the table, and Will Ferrell's wife in the movie says, "You're gonna enjoy this! I spent all day slaving over this hot meal!"

I love Will's Wonder Bread NASCAR race car!

I got a dose of really cheap thrills from Piranha 3-D. As for another new movie, I found the well-reviewed The Last Exorcism pretty creepy. Its effect on me lingered for a few days...

Thrills galore this week at the cinema, between The Town (cited as part of the resurrection of Ben Affleck's acting and directing career) and Easy A. A caper film and a high school comedy (with a good supporting cast as part of the faculty)...

A few weeks ago, there was Lindsay Lohan in Machete--where in many ways she was essentially portraying herself (and her issues) and having a good time doing so...
Let Me In (a remake of a Swedish film): lots of creepy chills in this one. (3 1/2 stars from Ebert.)

Lots more other thrills from the recent wave of new films at the cinema. The Social Network. (4 stars from Ebert.) Not everyone will want to pull for the anti-hero (if that's the right thing to call him) of this topical tale, but it was a guilty pleasure for me to do so...

I've already mentioned The Town (set in Boston, like much if not most of The Social Network). And Easy A. For me, the latter is one that once it gets on DVD, I'll be able to watch over and over when I need it...

Of note: Just last week, Inception finally dropped out of the Top 10 for the weekly box office, where it had been since mid-July, I believe. That's pretty solid longevity, and this year the only movie that comes to mind that approached that was The Other Guys. Perhaps Despicable Me, also.

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